EpiCura publishes the first Digital Health Observatory

EpiCura pubblica il primo Osservatorio sulla sanità digitale thumbnail

The first edition ofEpiCura Observatory highlights the growing propensity of Italians towards a hybrid and innovative healthcare model. EpiCura, the first digital clinic in Italy, carried out a survey with the aim of understanding how the pandemic has changed people’s approach to health in favor of more technological solutions. According to data collected by the Epicura survey, there is strong growth for online bookings for medical visits.

The results of the EpiCura survey

I data from the EpiCura Observatory confirm that 57% of respondents have benefited from apps and online services for booking services related to well-being and health. Furthermore, according to the data, 78% consider it useful to be able to book an online visit at any time, avoiding long waiting issues. The ability to obtain diagnostic information online is also considered useful.

Another aspect that emerged from the survey concerns home medical and specialist visits, like in 62% of cases. Also noteworthy is the growth of telemedicine and video consulting services. 40% of the interviewees made use of a telemedicine service. It should be noted that 45% said they had received psychological support. Of this sample, 31% obtained mixed support and 9% exclusively online.

The company comment

Gianluca Manitto, CEO & Co-founder of EpiCura, he commented: “The health sector was, inevitably, the one most affected by the pandemic, but also one in which technological innovation played a fundamental role in re-adapting processes and methods of care in a new context. Trying to understand what the new needs of Italians are and how much elements such as quality, speed, reliability and personalization affect the use of digital health services, our survey has highlighted how the frontier of telemedicine is approaching to be the new normal. in the field of health and personal well-being “.