Swappie: “Swappie Business” officially arrives

Swappie opens its doors to B2B with an offer dedicated to companies and freelancers. An accessible, practical and innovative formula that looks with conviction to the world of work of tomorrow, but also to a sustainable future

Swappie, market leader brand in the sale of refurbished iPhones, opens its doors to B2B with the new “Swappie Business” formula, which allows small businesses and freelancers to buy refurbished phones with deductible VAT. Through this new advantageous offer, small companies and freelancers can buy the best refurbished iPhones such as iPhone 7, iPhone 8 and iPhone X, receiving them quickly and safely: quality products carefully tested and provided with a free 12-month warranty, functional in the everyday working life.

Swappie: "Swappie Business" officially arrives

Swappie Business: how it works

Swappie once again proves to be an innovative brand that looks to the future, with a proposal that aims to solve a particularly current problem in the refurbished market. Often companies that sell refurbished devices buy from third parties and cannot offer VAT-free phones, which means that refurbished phones are an expensive choice for professionals. Unlike Swappie, which internally refurbishes its phones, can sell refurbished products without VAT at competitive prices and therefore facilitate freelancers and small companies to choose a regenerated and sustainable device.

Businesses feel the need to provide all their professionals with high-performance phones that make it easy for them at all times. A priority that Swappie has fully grasped, once again responding to the needs of its audience:

Thanks to Swappie Business we are extremely proud to be able to offer companies the possibility to choose cheaper solutions, but which have a quality that is equal to that of new phones on the market. We often hear and talk about steps consumers can take to be more sustainable. But we rarely do the same for companies, which can and must play a decisive role for the future.

Elena Garbujo, Country Manager Italy.

Without forgetting what is another great goal of the Finnish company, namely the sustainability of tomorrow. In fact, his proposal translates into the concrete objective of providing, even to small businesses and freelancers, the best tools to play an important role in the future right from the present. In addition to proposing an economically advantageous offer, it supports them in a more sustainable and conscious choice to reduce the environmental impact.

How to log in

Discovering and accessing the service is very simple. On the Swappie.com website, just press the “Swappie for companies” function and choose the product you want to buy. So what do you think of the new initiative? Let us know your opinion below in the comments. Finally, don’t forget to follow us on our Instagram page, on our YouTube channel and stay connected on TechGameWorld.com.it to stay constantly updated on all the news from the tech world!