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Epomaker: presented the new FirstBlood B67 keyboard

Epomaker introduces FirstBlood B67, an exclusive all-acrylic mechanical keyboard mounted on gasket

Released today on Kickstarter (here for more info), Epomaker launched the keyboard FirstBlood B67, which features a unique all-acrylic design. With proprietary double-sided RGB LEDs, this compact 65% keyboard has packed a wide range of versatile features into its eye-catching form factor. It is compact enough to fit almost any desktop along with accommodating typing intensive applications. While increasing users’ intuitive workflow through dual wired and wireless connectivity and multi-device connection.

Epomaker: presented the new FirstBlood B67 keyboard

The full acrylic aesthetic design of the FirstBlod B67 keyboard

As keyboards have now become an integral part of daily work and personal life, more and more users are not content with ordinary membrane keyboards and are looking for something that can convey personality. The FirstBlood B67 is on a mission to initiate an aesthetic revolution for desk configuration. It is one of the few acrylic keyboards on the market that uses a full solid translucent acrylic material to make the entire housing body of the B67. With LED RGB double-sided owners that can shine from both the front and the back. By adding the icing on the cake, the south-facing design helps the B67 reflect even brighter lights, resulting in a brilliant gem-like backlight.

Being versatile, offering a first-rate tactile experience

Designed for versatility, FirstBlood B67 delivers three connection modes: wired, 2.4G wireless and Bluetooth 5.0. Thanks to the reliable and reliable Broadcom Bluetooth chipset, the B67 offers faster and more precise keypress response. Thus offering wireless typing and a hassle-free gaming experience. Combined with the multi-device connection capability, the B67 allows you to seamlessly switch between notebooks, computers and mobile devices. This is a perfect solution to meet your multi-tasking needs. The FirstBlood B67 adapts the silicone gasket structure to give users a flexible tactile feel. Additionally, a new profile of the MDA key covers has been adapted to provide a larger surface for typing with more rounded edges of the keycaps. Not only is it a productive booster, but the B67 is also ready to start a desktop aesthetic revolution.

Epomaker: presented the new FirstBlood B67 keyboard

Price and availability

Epomaker FirstBlood B67 is released at 11am on July 18 (ET) on Kickstarter. Super early bird pricing starts at $ 159.00 on a first-come-first-serve service. The B67 is available in different versions and color combinations. All versions can be used for macOS and Windows. For more details, visit the Epomaker B67 Kickstarter campaign.

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