Epos H6 PRO review: a surprising headset

In this article we are going to see the review of the Epos H6 PRO a pair of headphones that really has a lot to say

the Epos H6 PRO they are truly special headphones, top materials, truly spectacular audio and an excellent microphone. In this article, however, we will go to see two variants of the same headphones, in fact, Epos, whom we thank, has provided us with the open and closed variants. It’s not a minimal difference, but a real upheaval of sensations. So be careful what you read because we are going to analyze every single difference between the models.

Epos H6 PRO review: a surprising headset

Different materials for different headphones | Epos H6 PRO review

The choice of materials for the construction of the headphones it was done with criteria and with great detail. The external part is made of a solid plastic and ready to last over time. The same goes for part of the adjustable headband which, however, hides a metal core. The part that rests on the head, on the other hand, is covered with a padded imitation leather material. The whole makes the rather light and very comfortable headphones. The microphone is also made of the same plastic material which is interrupted only by a central part covered in rubber.

Speaking of the open version, we can tell you that the grill for the open is also made of plastic even if the texture is almost reminiscent of metal. The pavilions are obviously made of different material for the two types of headphones and this denotes the attention to detail mentioned above. In fact, if we look at the headphones open we find the covering of the pavilions entirely in fabric, slightly stiffer to the touch than that of the other version. The difference is minimal, but obviously necessary.

Speaking instead of the version with closed pavilions, we find a external leatherette coating on the roof. Even the almost velvety fabric, which is then in direct contact with the ears, is obviously different. The choice of texture, and the materials themselves, it is by no means left to chance. Doing so results in greater air transpiration on closed headphones which would certainly otherwise tend to heat up too much during long sessions of use.

By making a quick recap of differences in materials and constructions, we find different materials suitable for the pavilions and the obvious opening grille only in the open headphones. Both headphones offer infinite convenience and the choice of materials in our opinion is really spot on in both solutions.

Design and packaging | Epos H6 PRO review

For the design and packaging there are no differences other than the obvious ones and already mentioned so keep these words good for both models.

The design chosen for these Epos H6 PRO is classic but avant-garde at the same time. If you remove the microphone, I don’t think anyone could assign them a priori to the gaming world. Despite this, the H6 PRO of Epos they have that extra something that distinguishes them and makes them unique. The oil color (dark blue almost black) makes them suitable for any location and made us adore them at first sight.

Also the idea of ​​positioning the attack for the jack da 3.5 mm in slightly further back it’s really a great choice. In this way the cable will not bother the microphone and us who use the headphones. On the left side of the headphones we find the brand and the printed Epos logo, all without being tacky. On the right side, at the height of the headband, we find the writing that shows the model always printed white on black.

Opening the adjustment, to make the headphones fit our head, it turns out a dark gray metal core which fits perfectly with the rest of the headset. Don’t be afraid to forget the measure, the various sizes are marked on the metal part with a convenient numbering system. A great surprise was also that of power remove the microphone, a difficult choice to find in headphones of this type. Furthermore, the magnet system, which allows you to connect the latter to headphones, it’s a really nice touch.

Inside the package we obviously find our headphones, a series of instruction manuals, a single cable to connect the headphones to a pad, a console or your smartphone, a cable for connecting to the PC split to connect audio and microphone in two separate outputs and a cover in case you decide to remove the microphone.

Epos H6 PRO review: a surprising headset

How do these headphones sound? | Epos H6 PRO review

In this paragraph of the review dedicated to the Epos HS PRO we will understand how the two different models sound because although the differences in terms of materials and constructions are important, everything is designed to obtain a different type of audio and feedback and not a little.

Epos H6 PRO review: a surprising headset

Epos H6 PRO closed version

Probably in the most cleared version these H6 PROs return greater depth in the lower frequencies e manage to completely isolate the player from ambient noise. You manage not to leak what you are listening to. For both models we find driver da 42mm.

The sound of each explosion, gunshot or passage of half plane or land is emphasized making it more “colorful”. All in all the audio is very good indeed, in this price range it was legitimate to expect a nice audio and with these Epos H6 PRO we have no complaints.

Obviously we have tried the headphones on different types of games and we can say that they find their perfect environment in fast-paced titles like FPS or similar. Obviously they also make their figure in single players, but with higher frequencies or with more complex soundtracks you risk losing the atmosphere a bit.

Overall we can say that the Epos H6 PRO (in the closed version) are suitable for all types of audio, but give the best of them in titles full of deep bass and more blatant sounds.

Epos H6 PRO review: a surprising headset

Epos H6 PRO open version

Surely as high as this type of audio is less beaten, but just as powerful. In the open version the Epos H6 PRO return a more crystalline, more natural audio. The volume with the same steps turns out to be slightly lower and we do not find a natural (and even induced) noise cancellation system.

The audio improves in several respects. You lose some of that overbearing bass and improve the higher frequencies. Of course, you will also gain the opportunity to hear what is happening in the surrounding area. Going back to talking about FPS you can also gain something on the opponent’s steps by providing a nice advantage.

Equally obviously, open-style headphones do that audio is also output to the outside of the headphones. Doing so could annoy anyone in the room with you.

In short words we are faced with a very difficult choice that each user is obliged to do independently. For our part we can only let you know that after more than ten days of testing we are still in doubt about which choice is the best for us and finally we decided to give a triumphant ex aequo to these two fantastic headphones.

Speaking of the microphone, it seems unlikely that we are talking about a microphone of a removable pair of headphones. The sound is clear and loud, in chat your companions will always feel you at the top.

Who should buy these Epos H6 PRO?

In conclusion we feel of recommend the Epos H6 PRO headphones to all headphone lovers who know how to play. Whether you choose the open or closed model, according to your needs and tastes, you will have headphones capable of giving great satisfaction. The materials are excellent in both variants though the pavilions of the closed version are better in terms of comfort.

In short, the Epos headphones in question are capable of offer a complete package, beautiful design and enviable sound. Obviously the cost is a bit high and the competition unfair in this price range, but if you choose the Epos H6 PRO you will not be disappointed.

Points in favor

  • A great sound
  • Materiali al top
  • Freedom of choice

Points against

  • Less comfortable pavilions for the open variant
  • Price a little high
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