La Provincia dell'Aquila sceglie Proofpoint Essentials per la sicurezza thumbnail

The Province of L’Aquila chooses Proofpoint Essentials for safety

The administration of the Province of L’Aquila has chosen Proofpoint, leading company in the cybersecurity sector, such as cyber security partner. Thanks to Proofpoint Essentials, the institution and its IT team will be able to protect themselves against direct threats to e-mail systems, while also providing innovative services to citizens. The Province of L’Aquila, with a reference population of over 300,000 users, has a staff of 300 employees and only four are dedicated to security, networking and applications within the IT infrastructure.

The Province of L’Aquila chooses Proofpoint Essentials to protect emails

The body therefore chose Proofpoint Essentials per protect e-mail services and optimize activities. Proofpoint’s proposal uses multilevel survey techniques. Thanks to these systems, it is possible to block constantly evolving threats (viruses, ransomware, trojans) with the simultaneous application of dynamic analysis of the reputation of IP addresses.

Implementation of Proofpoint Essentials for systems in the province of L’Aquila was quick and did not interfere with normal user operations. This reduced the risk of malware exposure with an 80% reduction in email-related support calls. The entire case study is available on the sito Proofpoint.

The comment of the institution

Agostino Occhiuzzi, IT Manager of the Province of L’Aquila, emphasizes, “We leverage all the threat intelligence that the Proofpoint solution provides us to improve our security posture. It is a huge help in the areas identified as vulnerable in the reporters. Proofpoint has allowed us to free up time for our security officers to focus on more strategic projects than their previous tasks, and this has improved our security posture, allowing us to reduce the risks and costs associated with cybercrime. “

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