EPOS launches the new H3 Hybrid headphones

EPOS lancia le nuove cuffie H3 Hybrid thumbnail

Two important news for EPOS, which has recently announced USB gaming headsets H3 Hybrid and wireless gaming headsets H3PRO Hybrid. Interesting news, coming immediately after the incredible success of the H3 wired headphones. Let’s go then to discover all the technical details.

H3 Hybrid and H3PRO Hybrid: the news of EPOS

H3 Hybrid

The new EPOS gaming headphones stand out for a series of truly remarkable technical features. First of all, they boast an autonomy equal to 37 hours of Bluetooth audio and up to 24 hours via cable. To this is then added the simultaneous Bluetooth connection for audio mixing, which allows users to talk on the phone using third party apps while playing on their preferred platform. And that’s not all. Among the distinguishing features of these headphones are also a removable magnetic boom arm it’s a dual microphone, which allows gamers to answer the phone without absolutely interfering with the gaming experience.

In short, the new H3 Hybrid really meet the needs of all users. Especially because they are compatible with PC, Mac, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch and Bluetooth devices. Furthermore, by connecting the headphones to the PC via USB you have the possibility to download EPOS Gaming Suite to get 7.1 surround sound and customize any microphone and audio related settings. Available in the double color Onyx Black and Ghost White, the headphones can be purchased on the official Epos website or at authorized dealers at the price of 179 €.

H3PRO Hybrid

To combine an optimal audio experience and unparalleled comfort, EPOS has worked on the new H3PRO Hybrid, wireless headphones that boast a long battery life it’s a delay-free audio transmission. At the moment, these are the two features announced for the new product, but more details should be released soon. What we do know, however, is that both headphone models will have caratteristiche “quality-of-life” to enhance the user’s gaming experience. These include intuitive smart buttons for quick access to audio controls, volume controls integrated into the earpads and interchangeable ergonomic pads.