Shin Megami Tensei V News: Volume 3, the date is near

Shin Megami Tensei V gets a date for the next update presented in Volume 3 of the News dedicated to the chapter

Recently the date of Volume 3 of Shin Megami Tensei V News, a program dedicated to the monthly information on the game coming out for Nintendo Switch, was announced on the official Twitter account, after Atlus has already introduced with various videos and images in Volume 1 and in Volume 2 the main characters, combat mechanics, skill functions and statistics.

Summary by Shin Megami Tensei V News, ahead of the date of Volume 3

Before going to talk about Volume 3, let’s recap every news given within the news program on Shin Megami Tensei V:

  • The main cast: Sono Tao Isonokami, Yuzuru Atsuta e Miyazu, Ichiro Daza, Hayao Koshimizu.
  • Le Magatsuhi Skills: Special moves triggered by filling the Barra Magatsuhi. They are powerful attacks that deal an incredible amount of damage, as well as provide support and healing. But be careful, as enemies can also use it.
  • The new characters: They are Shohei Yakumo and Lady Nuwa, Goddess of Chinese mythology, who works with him; Abdiel, Archangel in charge of Bethel headquarters.
  • The Essences: Exploring Da’at you will find Essences, spiritual entities containing the power of demons. They are merged with the abilities and affinities of a specific demon, and allow you to modify the abilities of the protagonist. With the Essences they are obtained strategic advantages using its own build.

  • Glory and Miracles: In certain situations in the Da’at it will be possible to obtain Glory, a manifestation of the dignity of God, which can be used to learn about gods Miracles in the Shadow World, that is, powerful abilities that alter the laws of nature.
  • Functions: With Enhance Summon, allied demons summoned in battle will advance a random stat. Through Pacification, it can be achieved forgiveness from demons. Finally, the Unforgotten Memories feature gives new demons EXP based on the stats of fused demons.

Volume 3 of Shin Megami Tensei V News has been set for tomorrow 27 September, and another Volume has been programmed in a given output window for October. The themes that will be touched are not yet known, but keep following us on to stay updated, and check the Instant Gaming store for games at advantageous prices.

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