Epson sceglie la sostenibilità: stop alle stampanti laser, sì alle inkjet a freddo thumbnail

Epson chooses sustainability: stop to laser printers, yes to cold-process inkjets

Epson stakes everything on sustainability: for this reason it reaffirms its commitment to cold inkjet printers and suspends the production of laser ones globally. The possibilities for conserving resources with laser printers, which require heat to fuse the toner to the paper, are slim. The company then announces the new range of cold inkjet multifunction office equipment and invest 100 billion yen in sustainable innovation.

Epson in full sustainability: stop at laser printers, focus on cold inkjets

According to IDC data, the inkjet printers will grow by 5.1% each year, while laser ones will lose 0.4% per year. And in our country the growth will be even greater: +10% for inkjets, which in 2026 will reach 28% of the office market. But for Epson it’s not just about the market, but about sustainability

Massimo Pizzocri, CEO of Epson Italia commented: “The decision to abandon the laser printer market is consistent with our choices, which cannot be linked only to commercial interests. Our company looks to sustainable innovation and laser printers do not fall into this picture, as they consume more than inkjet models and require a greater number of consumables. Our business will be totally focused on cold inkjet technology with piezoelectric head, which we own. We will thus be able to provide efficient and sustainable printing solutions to partners and companies”.

The new range

The cold technology uses an in-line piezoelectric head, which allows you to print up to 40-60 pages per minute with the new series WorkForce Enterprise AM-C. Using high-capacity cartridges to reduce resources for shipping, storage and handling. For the benefit of the environment.

The new Epson WorkForce Enterprise AM C are compact and light 300dpi 12cm with dida min

The new range also has a reduced weight and volume, while boastingor a 10.1-inch display and 5,150-sheet paper-handling capacity. In addition, it has the ability to scan up to 60 pages per minute and allows you to collate for any office needs. All in a more sustainable way.

Luca Motta, Head of Sales Office Print at Epson Italy explains: “These new products complete our office inkjet range, which now includes solutions for every printing need, from models for small workgroups to high-speed departmental multifunctions. Every product in our range of business inkjet printers gives businesses the technology they need to achieve their sustainability goals. We are proud to provide our partners and customers with solutions based on sustainable technologies, which fmake a real difference in reducing energy consumption and CO emissions2. Companies that switch to inkjet technology contribute to the creation of a more sustainable world”.

Epson dice quindi say goodbye to lasers and introduce this new range of cold inkjet printers for the office, to focus on sustainability (in line with the ecological vision for 2050). Find more information on the Epson Italia website.

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