Epson presents its new 4K projectors

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The new video projectors have arrived Epson in 4K! Currently present atISE 2023 in Barcelonathese devices combine new technologies such as the Crystal Motion with panel thermal control and double MLA matrix.

Introducing Epson’s new 4K projectors


The EB-PQ2000 is not only versatile, but also compatible with the optional camera ELPEC01which allows you to take advantage of techniques such as the stacking and the combination of video projectors. Also, with free software Epson EPPT you can do geometric correction, color calibration up to multi-projection assistance tools.

Last but not least, all EB-PQ2000 projectors are provided without standard optics on board, to allow the user to modify the projection solution to his liking, thanks to the new 4K HD Epson optics. Plus the new projectors are ecofriendly: in addition to consuming little, they have a packaging with a lower ecological footprint.

Other features include the NFC technologywhich allows for simplified installation, and the communication between projectors and smartphones compatible with NFC.

“We are delighted to announce these new compact and lightweight high-brightness 4K models. Epson projectors now set the industry standard for quality and versatility, enabling you not only to reduce installation time and shipping costs, but also environmental impact in an increasingly important and continuously growing market such as that of the 10,000 and 20,000 lumen range.

Demonstrating our worldwide leadership, we have listened to customers’ needs and developed new solutions able to respond to market demand for more compact, light, reliable and versatile high-brightness models,” he said. Massimo Pizzocri, Vice President Video Projector Sales & Marketing Division of Epson Europe.

In addition to the EB-PQ2000, Epson is pleased to also present EB-L570U, EB-L770U ed EB-L775U.

EB-L570U, EB-L770U and EB-L775U, versatile projectors at an affordable price

These devices support screens up to 500 inches with brightnesses between 5.200 e 7.000 lumen, multi-projection and advanced connectivity. They also eliminate problems such as: limited viewing angles, blind spots, interference and reflections.

“This new range of projectors offers affordable, high-quality imaging solutions for those who want to project large, scalable content in high brightness. They also provide multiple projection features usually available in higher-end models, such as the Split Screen, which allows the viewing of two contents on a single screen, and an optimal Edge Blending, which allows you to project a single very large image from multiple video projectors in stacking” Pizzocri always explained.

Last but not least, these projectors are adaptable to any situation, especially for hybrid work, thanks to theMTR automatic ignition (Microsoft Team Room) and consistent energy savings.

Among other features we find:

  • high-brightness 4KE laser video projection with wide lens shift;
  • projection of content from 21:9 format up to 500 inches;
  • brightness between 5,200 and 7,000 lumens;
  • advanced connectivity and multi-projection;
  • BYOD connectivity;
  • zero pixelation, reflections or fingerprints;
  • Edge Blending e videocamera ELPEC01;
  • minimal maintenance and 3 year warranty.

Epson’s new 4K projectors also include the EB-810E and EB-770Fi

EB-810E it’s a 5,000-lumen super ultra-short-throw laser projector with 4K enhancement with super ultra-short throw ratio (0.16:1).

4K Enhancement is an Epson technology specially designed for hybrid workplaces and immersive spaces. In fact, the video projector is capable of projecting from a few centimeters away up to 160 inches.

“Thanks to the super ultra-short throw this product is equipped with, it is ideal for all environments where space is at a premium, such as meeting rooms and immersive structures. At the same time, it represents a scalable large-screen projection solution with low energy consumption and does not require a fixed installation. Further supporting the demands of agile working, this versatility allows people to move it around easily, enabling the display to be shared across multiple spaces.” said Carla Conca, Business Manager Videoprojector of Epson Italy.

Also, with technology Epson 3LCD a 3 chip the images are clear even at large dimensions, without forgetting practical tools such as the new app Epson Setting Assist.

In addition to the EB-810E, we also find the new Epson EB-770Fithe first browser-based interactive ultra-short-throw laser model, i.e without the need to connect a PC. Also, the equally new EB-780Fi will offer teachers instant online access, enabling a quick access to archived lessons on the cloud, online content and favorite applications, again without a connected PC.

To these are also added video projectors EB-760W, EB-770F ed EB-775Fdesigned with interactive features touch.

“The spaces used for meetings and training – continues Conca – have evolved significantly and it is now evident that video projectors today must satisfy, in terms of vision, sharing and interactivity, all the requirements for a better involvement of the participants, both presence and remote.

With our new laser projectors, we’ve made significant innovations to expand the projection area and make collaboration and engagement as easy as possible, including tools that facilitate device sharing on an individual basis and connectivity between multiple devices.”

Other Epson solutions

Among other Epson solutions we also find standard models such as: EB-L210W, EB-L210SF, EB-L260F ed EB-L265F.

“Epson’s goal – concludes Conca – is to create solutions centered on people’s experience and respond to their specific needs. By equipping meeting rooms with the right technology and solutions, it is possible to stimulate team spirit, increase productivity and promote a more creative approach“.

Epson’s new 4K projectors will be available from June 2023.

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