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Hogwarts Legacy: Launch Trailer Available!

In the past few hours, Avalanche Software and Warner Bros Games have made available the launch trailer of Hogwarts Legacy: are you ready to return to the most famous school of magic ever?

After numerous postponements, the last one relating only to the old-gen and Nintendo Switch versions, we are now here. The launch of Hogwarts Legacy is just around the corner, and it will happen next February 10 on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X | St. We will therefore be able to experience the magic academy several decades before the adventures of the famous Harry Potter (the one who lived) and explore it from top to bottom, as well as the surroundings of the building itself on board our faithful magic broom. The only and great regret is the sensational absence of Quidditch, but we’ll get over it.

In the past few hours, the developers Avalanche Software and publisher Warner Bros Games have released the launch trailer for the gamewell in advance of the actual release date. A trailer that actually adds little new and shows once again what it will be possible to do in this RPG deliberately dedicated to fans of JK Rowling’s work. We leave you the trailer below.

Hogwarts Legacy shows itself one last time with the launch trailer: prepare your wands!

After having created our wizard (a fifth year student, according to the plot of the game) and having decided which of the houses to belong to, the script of Hogwarts Legacy will be divided into (obviously) a main line and many secondary ones, which however will have influence about what the global narrative is. According to what was revealed by the developers, to complete only the story it will take about 35 hours. Damn for that Quidditch, though.

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