Escobar is the new malware that attacks Android devices

Escobar è il nuovo malware che attacca i dispositivi Android thumbnail

Android devices have to deal with the dangerous malware Aberebot which now, in its new guise, has been renamed to Escobar. The malware in question is a banking trojan and has very dangerous features that could put several Android devices at risk. Here are the full details on the threat posed by the new trojan that threatens to compromise numerous Android smartphones in the near future.

Escobar: the new malware that puts Android devices at risk

The Escobar banking trojan is capable of take control of android smartphone, also managing to steal sensitive data from bank accounts. The malware is also capable of stealing Google Authenticator multi-factor authentication codes as well as accessing read and write functionality of files saved on the smartphone. The alarm was raised by Cyble’s blog.

Multiple risks

Escobar’s abilities are not to be underestimated. The malware, in fact, is able to access various functions of the Android operating system, bypassing the main defenses. This is a considerable danger that could create many problems for users. As for the functionality of a banking Trojan, Escobar would now be able to target at least 190 banking institutions located in 18 countries. The number of users potentially at risk is therefore very high. We will see if the malware is neutralized in the near future.