The portable GameCube is reality: here is the fan made creation

A modder has just built a portable version of the Nintendo GameCube, starting with a Wii as a base. The user has published the result of his efforts on Twitter, which is a perfectly functional and functional portable console, complete with support for a flood of historical Nintendo titles. Let’s take a look at how he managed to accomplish this feat.

The portable GameCube is reality

In a long video posted on his YouTube channel, GingerOfOz, who previously created a portable Nintendo Wii the size of a GameBoy, detailed what prompted him to try his hand at this arduous feat: “When I first saw this portable GameCube mockup years and years ago, my immediate thought was ‘I need this thing’, obviously, it was a tough topic to tackle because this console was fake. “

As part of this video, GingerOfOz decided to track down the original creator of the fake image to inquire about his creation, although this search proved difficult, as this render dates back to the early 2000s, now far too far away to easily trace back to the original source.

However, after some time digging into the web, the original image was traced back to a designer named Demond, who originally made the mockup just for fun. Since then, the designer has worked at Ubisoft, Epic Games, and Squanch Games.

Ginger, on the other hand, explained that the GameCube motherboard consumes more power than the Wii and is also more difficult to shrink. Modding the Wii motherboard is also incredibly simple, while the GameCube requires more expensive equipment.

Also, even though the original image features a GameCube disc that fits into the console, this portable version does not have a working disc drive as it would have made the system significantly larger, however, Ginger has included a slot to insert a CD, even if in reality it is a simple aesthetic habit.