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Escort Advisor: the ranking of the best escorts in Italy 2022

Escort Advisor, the first escort review site in Europe, presents the Ranking of the best Escorts in Italy 2022. The data report for each province is available

To reveal the best escorts in Italy, chosen by the Italians with the 128,575 reviews written in 2022 alonetwo exceptional presenters: the radio and television host Daniel Battle with the Italian burlesque queen Julia DiQuilio. The two have created a sparkling and curious video in which they have revealed what they are best escorts in Italy of 2022, the past year. It is important to underline that the ranking has been drawn up directly from users. They are taken into consideration the number and score of reviews received by the escorts and the degree of reliability of the reviewers themselves

Escort Advisor: the best of 2022 chosen by users!

The ranking reserves surprises and in the top 10 by category there are representatives from all over the boot, including the islands. A curiosity of this year is linked to mobility of the awarded escorts. In fact, many of them are often “on tour” in Italy, so as not to have a real city of reference. Professionals mostly travel following seasonality or major events, such as in this period for the Sanremo Festival. This therefore makes the approval rating of their customers not only local, but even national.

Escort Advisor recorded an average of 4,800,000 unique monthly users and 163,800 new registered users in 2022 alone. In addition to this, searches on the site were 718,429,386, +27% over the previous yearescort profile views 524.854.710 (+59% compared to 2021). In addition, visits to the site in general increased by 32% and the reviews received just last year were 128.575. Numbers that make us reflect on how much the pandemic has affected this sector.

Escort Advisor: the ranking of the best escorts in Italy 2022

In the escort category, we find in second place Helena (132 reviews) and third Isabella (87), while in the trans escort category: Chanelly (27) e Diana (35). Like this Aysha (231 reviews) e Morena (95) are respectively the best escort and trans escort in Italy for the year 2022. These are the most popular names among users. Users who, based on the province, benefit from different prices. The price map, in fact, can reserve surprises. The average is calculated thanks to user reviews, which indicate the real price ranges of the professionals they attend.

Among the most expensive provinces of Italy we find Brescia (103 euros), followed by Bolzano and Bergamo (102), while among the cheapest ones: Trapani (60 euro), Ogliastra (67), Stopped (69), Vercelli (70). Mike Morra, CEO of Escort Advisor said:

Since 2015 we have always wanted to reward the escorts best reviewed by users with the Ranking to underline how this job is, like any other, made of commitment, professionalism and, now in 2023, of taking care of one’s online reputation. There are women who choose this job, often even feeling it as a vocation, and for this reason they are committed to being the best. How do they do it? Taking care of their advertising profile like the social media profile of any business.

The growth of writing and consulting reviews before and after appointments indicates a willingness to find greater security, especially when it comes to health and investing time and money. Stay tuned to for more news and updates.

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