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EspoGame: Betclic Apogee in the name of the green

Betclic e Betclic Apogee will take part inEspoGameB2B event to be held at Rimini from 15 to 16 March, bringing with him a film and an app to combat climate change.

Betclic Apogee at the EspoGame for the planet

The world’s first certified esports team Carbon Neutral is more committed than ever to raising awareness of the climate change and at the EspoGame he will present di Gamers 4 the Planetan initiative that follows the launch of the documentary Restart the Game.

The documentary is directed by Joao Pedro Moreirawhile the original soundtrack consists of DJ Riot. The film presents the Betclic Apogee team, from its headquarters in Lisbon to the presence of 11 players distributed between Portugal, Italy and Poland.

With this documentary we want to bring to the attention of viewers the impact that the gaming industry has on the environment, a sector in which 40% of the population takes part and which produces a turnover of more than €200,000,000 a year.

In particular, in recent years the consumption of electricity for gaming has increased significantly: 64% growth from 1080p to 4K resolution.

Hence the need to translate an awareness of the issue with something more incisive: Games 4 the Planeta Betclic Apogee Esports manifesto that has become a global action platform to which all gaming fans can join.

Games 4 the Planet

The pillars of the project are based on concrete actions such as: calculate and reduce the environmental impact; share experiences and support regeneration actions.

Professional esports teams also have exclusive access to the app which will track individual and collective environmental impact. Besides Betclic, other international brands have joined the cause. We are talking about FNATIC Team, OG Esports ed Esports Insider.

The project will be presented at the Rimini Fair scheduled from 15 to 16 March.

“We are happy and proud to participate once again in an event as rich and interesting as EspoGame. The launch of the “Gamers 4 the Planet” platform, together with the documentary “Restart the Game”, once again confirms Betclic Apogee’s commitment to sustainability issues” he commented Maria Raffaella Micuccio, Country Manager Italy for Betclic.

“We believe that the gaming sector can do a lot to reduce its environmental impact and create a virtuous circle of green-oriented initiatives and behaviours. Being able to tell the
project on such an important stage will certainly be an exciting and important moment”.

Maria Raffaella Micuccio will speak on March 15th in the panel from 1:05-1:45 pm, entitled “Gaming marketing keys: between Generation Z, sustainability and innovation”.

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