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FESCAAAL 2023: the complete program of the Festival

FESCAAAL 2023 is coming to Milan, the 32nd edition of the African, Asian and Latin American Film Festival: let’s discover the complete program together

In Milan in the month of March a zebra arrives, always colourful, attentive to culture and the environment: this is the symbol of FESCAAAL, the African, Asian and Latin American Film Festival, now in its 32nd edition.

A Festival that for some years has also been enjoyed online and that in this new edition comes in a green version, also attentive to the environment and the ecosystem, as demonstrated by the poster and the all-green zebra.

FESCAAAL 2023: presented the complete program of the Festival

The Festival will be held from 18 to 26 March and this year sees a new space involved in hosting the screenings, namely Fondazione Prada. And it is precisely here that the opening screening will be held, with the film The fruit of late summer.

FESCAAAL 2023: the complete program of the Festival

FESCAAAL 2023: here are the main sections in the competition

  • Feature Film Competition “Windows on the World”, fiction and documentaries in a careful selection of the latest productions from the three continents.
  • African Short Film Competition with the best short films (fiction and documentary) made by directors from all over Africa and from the diaspora. The section intends to promote young directors taking their first steps in cinema and show the new trends and experiments of African cinema.
  • Extr’A competition dedicated to films by Italian directors in comparison with other cultures to tell an Italy that interprets cultural diversity. Works filmed on three continents or having the themes of multicultural Italy as their subject are selected in this section.
  • Flash section that collects the films/event of the Festival: prominent previews presenting recent works by established directors, critically acclaimed films or films awarded at major international festivals, the best of contemporary cinema that narrates and interprets the current events of Africa, Asia and Latin America

The 4th edition of the MiWorld Young Film Festival – MiWY will also take place from 20 to 26 March 2023the first and only film festival for schools entirely in Italy dedicated to the knowledge of the cinematographies and cultures of Africa, Asia and Latin America and to intercultural education, which will be held as always within the framework of the FESCAAAL and in hybrid mode, in the room and online.

FESCAAAL has been a window on the world for many years, with many quality and experimental cinematographic products, but also many moments of cultural and artistic study. We recommend following its programming, thanks also to the possibility of watching the films online in streaming, an excellent idea for those who are not in Milan.

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