eSport and Protection: discovering the Intesa Sanpaolo Assicura event

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Discovering Area X, the Intesa Sanpaolo event that aims to spread the culture of Protection in the world of eSports. Let’s find out all the details

Area X, the Intesa Sanpaolo Assicura initiative created to spread the culture of Protectionhe found in the world of eSports a conducive environment for engaging a predominantly digital and new generation audience. A world, always that of eSports in continuous evolution and which brings with it a charge of innovation that should not be underestimated. The aim of this extraordinary meeting is to provide clarity on the issue of digital protection and the world of digital sports, often the subject of debate and often poorly understood and analysed. Experts and professionals in the sector will discuss these issues, highlighting the risks involved and the importance of digital protection.

The panels will see the participation of illustrious guests, such as Diego Campagnari, the lawyer Andrea Mileto, the lawyer Simona Cardillo, Dr. Giacomo Astrua and Dr. Stefania Straniero, authoritative figures in the field of eSports and professionals who have worked in this sector. The panel on “PROTECTION and ESPORT” will be conducted by Marco “Drwhi7es” Bianchi, Elena “Hevnokat” Coriale e Flavio “V3nom” Dell’Erba. These will share their experience and vision, enriching the discussions with unique and valuable perspectives. Here is the full program of the event:

eSport and Protection: discovering the Intesa Sanpaolo Assicura event

The spectacle of the showmatches during the “eSport and Protection” themed event

This event represents a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the virtual reality of gaming, involving generation “Z” in the most important values ​​and current issues, such as protection in the digital world. It will be an enthralling journey, which will explore the depths of this parallel dimension, where challenges and adrenaline merge into a single show which, in turn, will be embellished with an exciting challenge. Four of the best Italian teams will compete in an exciting FIFA 23 match, giving viewers an unforgettable experience.

Among the teams that will give life to this fascinating show match is LXT Esports, the new ASK Advisory “benefit” team with its own player Andrea “Storari30” Lobrace; Udinese Esports will also be present at the event, with the pro player “Mila”, Replay Totem, with the pro player “Santil1”, and Fut&me, with the pro player “Giovhy”. An event definitely not to be missed and which, for the umpteenth time, offers various food for thought on a world that is increasingly synonymous with progress. We just have to wait for the June 6thdate on which this event will be held, reminding you how fundamental it is to support similar organizations that aim to create an eSports culture in our country too!

For further updates and news, keep tuning in to For further information, please consult the Area X website.

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