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Esport Revolution interview: let’s get to know the Co-Founder and the Team Manager better!

We had the pleasure of exchanging a few words with Diego Trinchillo, Co-Founder of eSport Revolution, and Michele Santoro, Team Manager: from the chat a pleasant interview on the eSports market was born, which we report in this article

The world of eSports in Italy, as well as on the international scene, is in continuous and constant growth. The recent earthquake that occurred in our country as regards the LAN and eSports rooms (which we will talk about in depth in this dedicated article) has certainly brought back a fundamental problem in the sector: regulatory backwardness. However, there remains no doubt that the market is moving completely towards other vertices than in the past, and that, however difficult it may be in a country like ours, the need to comply with these changes now appears very indispensable. We talked about it, in a live broadcast on our Twitch channel (follow us!) also with Tony Tubo, influencer and founder of eSport Revolution.

Esport Revolution interview: let's get to know the Co-Founder and the Team Manager better!

Esport Revolution interview: let’s get to know Diego Trinchillo and Michele Santoro better!

We also had a chat with Tony from eSport Revolution a few weeks ago, which you can find summarized in this interesting interview. In recent days, however, we have had the opportunity to exchange a few words with Diego TrinchilloCo-Founder of the company, e Michele Santoro, Team Manager. From our particularly interesting question and answer, this dedicated article was born in which we went to dissect their vision of the current world of eSports: from great successes to expectations for the future. But let’s start from the basics: who are Diego and Michele and what do they do?

First of all, we thank you for the great opportunity and we ask you for a small introduction: you are the co-founder (together with Tony Tubo, with whom we have already spoken separately) and the Team Manager of eSport Revolution, but how are your tasks organized? in everyday life?

Diego | Mine is perhaps the most difficult task. In addition to the daily supervision of the company, the most important thing is that of constant communication between us and the continuous search for a direct and effective company line: being on the same wavelength is essential.

Michele | Mine is a slightly more technical task: I take care of the scouting part and the creation of competitive teams from scratch. In addition, they supervise the Marketing and Social area. Fortunately, the spark immediately broke out between me and the property, so the vision of intent is the same.

Esport Revolution interview: let's get to know the Co-Founder and the Team Manager better!

The great successes | ESport Revolution Interview

We therefore moved on to the great successes of the company’s eSport team: excellent results, in this early 2022, both in Virtual Regatta and in FIFA 22. And the success obtained by the Team at Comicon in Naples, protagonist with an entirely stage dedicated to them (we will talk about it in this article in more detail!). How do you organize such an event? And above all, what are the medium-term objectives of their esports?

Let’s then go on to congratulate you on your extraordinary start to 2022: both in Virtual Regatta and in FIFA you have achieved excellent results, with Mario Prodigo winner of the first sailing leg and Francesco Ricci and Lorenzo Francini who distinguished themselves in the football video game for excellence. Forecast for the current year? What other major stages await you?

Diego and Michele | We are very proud of the results achieved so far, our virtual sailing team has been excellent in the first seasonal outings with Mario on the shields. The guys from Fifa were wonderful, we got the Final Eight in the eSerieA and we are still in progress on several fronts: Hartixel in the next qualification (FGS Fifa Global Series) we play a place for the world playoffs and in the 2 vs 2 together with XLorenzo we are still on course for a place in the world cup (eClub).

You were also great protagonists at the Comicon in Naples, with a whole series of initiatives and a stage entirely dedicated to you: how do you manage to organize an event of this proportions?

Diego | To organize such an event you have to be perfect from all points of view. First of all you need to have expertise in events (so I’m talking about logistics, inventiveness, etc …), then you must have a lot of patience and passion, obviously all supported by a great desire to do to grow the sector and give it the right visibility it deserves.

Michele | I have also dedicated myself to the eSporting and Influencing part. We were also able to collaborate with FIDAF and with publishers, a result that makes us proud.

Esport Revolution interview: let's get to know the Co-Founder and the Team Manager better!

A turbulent market | ESport Revolution Interview

Let’s wrap up the last three questions in a single paragraph as they generally deal with the same thing: the eSports market. Amidst turbulence and various resistances, we liked being able to take a look at this world from the perspective and from the eyes of two young people engaged in it: between LANGATE and the future, between contrasting legislation and confident and captivating mentality.

The eSports market in Italy is in continuous and constant growth, despite some barriers, both regulatory and mental, which hinder the emergence of different forms of sport, compared to traditional ones. You who are deeply involved in this sector, how do you live these small and large forms of resistance?

Diego and Michele | We do not see specific forms of resistance, but we do realize that there is an entrepreneurial deficit within the sector. This world, even today, seems to be made only by enthusiasts who aim more to earn money rather than create a real ecosystem. Sustainability is essential for businesses like ours.

Speaking of resistance, recent news is that of the closure by the Customs and Monopoly Agency of the LAN and eSports rooms: a few words about this unfortunate story?

Diego and Michele | Unfortunate yes, but predictable. Sooner or later something had to move. Surely it was an economic damage done to our world, but if you look at the other side of the coin it was good, because by doing so we have put the spotlight on the sector and this means that now is the time to regularize, institutionalize. The prospect of “LANGATE” is paradoxically more positive than negative for our sector.

How do you see the future of your team and of your work in general from this all-Italian perspective?

Diego and Michele | We have great prospects and expectations in the near future, both in Italy and in Europe. But before we get that high, let’s continue to cultivate our internal market because, unfortunately, it will certainly be different from the European and global one.

Esport Revolution interview: let's get to know the Co-Founder and the Team Manager better!

Trust and seriousness

This concludes our interview with Diego Trinchillo and Michele Santoro of eSport Revolution, we really hope you are interested and that there may be further opportunities for comparison in the future! Let us know what you think below in the comments, we will continue to keep you updated with all the news, guides and reviews on videogame and tech! And if you are interested in game keys at advantageous prices, we recommend that you take a look at the InstantGaming catalog!