Esport Summit 2021: The Esports Summit Awards announced

The 2021 Esport Summit will be held on November 17th and 18th and the newly announced Esports Summit Awards will also be held during the event

The 17 and 18 November, in the splendid setting of Olympic Stadium in Rome, come backSports Summit, the first Italian event dedicated to the Esport industry, organized by Mkers e Social Media Soccer. The fundamental objective of the new edition of the event is to tell, thanks to the presence of institutions, organizers, publishers and teams, the industry and the export market, trying to disclose all those essential elements for operate successfully on the global competitive landscape. It is no coincidence that the main themes of the 2021 edition will cover the entire Esport ecosystem at 360 °, with the profound ambition ofi offer a clear picture of the industry and all its facets.

It will start from the basics, with panels dedicated to organizing a team, while providing a clear vision on the most effective methods of investing in export and on how to organize a high-impact event. There will be room for issues of social importance such as education, inclusion and sustainability, decisive for understanding the spectrum of values ​​embraced by the competitive market. But not only that: we will firmly look at the importance of numerical values, respect for KPIs, and the increasingly consistent relationship between Esport and the world of cryptovalute. The 2021 edition of the Esports Summit will be held in a hybrid version, allowing the use of the contents both physically and comfortably in live streaming.

A new award ceremony at the 2021 Esport Summit

Furthermore, on the occasion of the 2021 Esports Summit, Mkers and Social Media Soccer will present the “Sports Summit Awards“: An award established with the aim of celebrating the best European teams and designed to instill credibility in the Italian export sector, both among enthusiasts and companies not yet involved. The awarding of the “Easter eGG“Will be held at the exclusive setting of the Gaming House made in collaboration with Mercedes-Benz Italy, in the heart of Rome November 17 will be. The event will be presented by Emilio Cozzi, among the best Italian communicators of videogame and Esport culture, and broadcast live on the Twitch channel of for all those who cannot access the Venue. The categories of prizes recognized by the “Easter eGG” will be:

  • Best European Esport Team
    • This category will reward the best competitive results obtained in the last season, the effectiveness and reach of its communication, the activations carried out during the last year, the growth in numerical terms and the impact on the reference market.
  • Best European FPS Player, Best European Moba Player, Best European Sport Player
    • These categories will celebrate the competitive results achieved during the year, the communication proposed on their channels, the growth and perception of their fanbase.
  • Best Competitive Event
    • Designed to enhance the best event in terms of participation with respect to the target audience, quality and organization and caliber of the partners involved.
  • Best Activation
    • Built to evaluate the impact of an activation on the export market, considering the number of products offered and the perception level of the target audience.

Esport Summit 2021: The Esports Summit Awards announced

The individual categories will be judged by one international jury qualified and expert composed of:

  • Manuel Musilli
    • Creative director of Saatchi & Saatchi. A former judge at the Cannes Film Festival and a member of ADCI, the first global organization to celebrate and reward leaders in creative communication, he will bring his experience to evaluate the image perceived by the market, the proposed communication and the impact of style on the market. of reference.
  • Sam Cooke
    • Pioneer of international export communication, recently promoter of ESI London 2021, one of the greatest showcases of the competitive industry, he will offer his perspective and analytical vision of the Esport scenario and of the experiences lived in the period under review. Co-founder of Esports Insider, the esports-focused media, but also an agency specializing in B2B events.
  • Carlo Barone
    • Thanks to his invaluable experience and foresight and his contribution first in Activision and then within one of the leading publishers in the market like Riot Games, he will evaluate the candidates with respect to orientation and game dynamics.
  • Diego Hicham Aazzi
    • Italy’s most decorated esports manager, able not only to bring Mkers to success in the FIFA World Cup but above all to climb the world peaks of Rainbow Six Siege, included by Forbes as the 1st among the under 30s in the gaming sector in Italy; he will bring his experience in team management and player analysis.
  • Sanne Faxøe
    • Global giant of digital competitions that over the years has established itself on the market with the aim of uniting fans and communities from all over the world. Thanks to work at DreamHack Sports Games, Sanne will offer his qualified view on the events and his consolidated experience.

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