eSport: the 5 Star Movement and the OIES are preparing a convention in Parliament

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“Play in hand” goodbye: the OIES eSport body and the 5 Star Movement are preparing to address the issue directly in Parliament

Video games may be well on their way to cultural legitimacy in Italy, according to potential advances in the sector eSports for which the appropriate institution GEES (Osservatorio Italiano Esports) is joining forces with the 5 Star Movement: in the autumn the topic will be dealt with in Parliament. The dates for the convention have already been set for early May. The ladies who will fight for the competitive recognition of gaming are Valentina Barzotti, Chiara Appendino, Antonio Caso and Alessandra Todde. From their brainstorming, the first was born White Paper for Esports and gaming in Italy, entirely open source and, therefore, predisposed to the constructive contribution of those who experience the sector on a daily basis.

eSports and politics: union between OIES and Movimento 5 Stelle in Parliament

The Observatory has already collected over 50 testimonials to report the problems to be solved and the needs to be met. The resulting White Paper will be officially presented to the Chamber of Deputies in the autumn. The sporting (and cultural) recognition of the video game remains an undisputed topical issue, especially when recalling the seizure of training equipment and comparing it with the enthusiasm of athletes in an emerging sector everywhere outside our shores. However, the topics touched upon by the White Paper are not limited to this: there is also room for the ever more remarkable Made in Italy in videogames and for female inclusiveness. And also for the demolition of stereotypes, which many Italian gamers have been waiting for for years.

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