Ethical Photography Festival: here is the 2022 edition

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The Lodi Ethical Photography Festival returns this year with its 13th edition always alongside Fujifilm, official partner of the photography event that opens a window on what is happening in the world

The festival of ethical photography of Lodi returns with its XIII edition consisting of over 20 photographic exhibitions distributed in the most evocative places of the city of Lodi, conferences, book presentations, video-projections, guided tours with the authors and educational projects for students. Once again, the partner of the Festival is FUJIFILM with whom we had the opportunity to visit all the exhibition locations.

The spaces chosen for the exhibitions are one of the strengths of this Festival, historical and modern buildings, open to the public and many inserted in gardens and courtyards able to certainly enhance the works they host.

Lodi Ethical Photography Festival: the main exhibition spaces

Among the main exhibition spaces are The Lives of Others, which explores the anthropological and cultural variety of peoples, to be discovered and preserved because this contains the word “humanity” as a universal value; World Report Award 2022, the international competition of the Lodi Festival, which aims to give voice and support to the social commitment of photographers and is aimed at everyone, Italians and foreigners, professionals and not. The subject is humanity with its public and private events, its small and large stories, social phenomena, customs, civilizations, great tragedies and small daily joys, changes and immutability.

Another historic space is No-profit, which takes its cue from reports commissioned by non-profit organizations on the territories and issues in which they operate. Voices and testimonies that we can only know thanks to the effort of photographers working directly on the field. Once again, the image is the engine for change.

Of note, a great novelty this year is the space dedicated to the official exhibition of the World Press award 2022. Surely one of the most prestigious spaces in this one that hosts the most prestigious international photojournalism contest in the world. It looks like a real window on what has happened in the world in the last year and beyond.

The 2022 Lodi Ethical Photography Festival can still be visited until Sunday 23 October.