ETLOK Studios Announces Development of “Into The Echo” MMORPG

ETLOK Studios annuncia lo sviluppo dell'MMORPG "Into The Echo" thumbnail

ETLOK Studios gladly announced the development of the new and innovative MMORPG titled “Into the Echo”. Among the main features of the title, the collection of resources and the creation of objects, the presence of puzzles and fighting. The aim is to create a social experience, able to make the players autonomous in deciding how to experience the game in their own way.

The title setting is Raava, a planet whose past hides great secrets. Players will have to solve the mysteries surrounding Raava, finding out more about the cosmic events that occurred years ago. It is therefore reasonable to expect a plot and a compelling lore full of references.

Your actions and the skills you decide to perfect will contribute to our reputation and the style of hero we want to represent in the game world. The available modes will be both PvP that PvE, thus satisfying both those looking for a more competitive experience and those wishing to cooperate.

The vocation of “Into The Echo”

The ultimate goal of the developers is to not just make a video game, but a real social experience in a virtual world. Each user will be able to create a character with a specific and unique identity. To achieve this goal, it will be essential to create a solid community, able to support the project.

Considering the genre of “Into The Echo”, or a multiplayer role-playing video game with many playersi, this goal is ambitious but also a duty. The videogame landscape is overflowing with games of this type, and to gain a prominent place in the scenario it is necessary to be able to dare and innovate.

We just have to wait for new information regarding the development, and in the future the release, of “Into The Echo”, the role-playing game signed by ETLOK Studios. Some great ones are already available artwork, like the ones in this article, which illustrate the concept of the setting.

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