Marvel Legends: Miles Morales (Spider-Man: A New Universe) Review

In this review we will analyze the action figure: Marvel Legends by Miles Morales, directly from the Oscar winner “Spider-Man: a new universe”

On December 1, 2018, the animated film was released, which was then proclaimed as the best of the year thanks to the Oscar won later. With a sometimes revolutionary artistic sector and a convincing plot, in which the Marvel multiverses are central, “Spider-Man: a new universe”Captivated the spectators (including us).

Pending the follow-up, already confirmed for some time, we at had the pleasure of analyzing theaction figure of the protagonist produced by Hasbro. Let’s see all the details of this together Marvel Legends: Miles Morales you belong to the feature film Spider-Man: A New Universe, in the course of this review!

The Packaging – Marvel Legends: Miles Morales (Spider-Man: A New Universe) Review

The packaging of this Marvel Legends is in line with the latest figures of the same line. Characterized by a black background color, the box has the “Spider-Man: into the Spider-Verse” logo on the front, as well as the name of the protagonist, that of the Hasbro collection and a few other words. The highlight is, as usual, the window: nice wide and slightly extending on the sides. Sides that include an image of Miles directly from the film and the Spider-Man logo on the bottom.

The back takes up the same frame present on the sides with a character description in 5 languages (but not in Italian). Below we can see the section dedicated to “Build-A-Figure”Which, with this wave, allows you to assemble Stilt-Man. For the uninitiated, the Build-A-Figures are nothing more than “broken down” action figures. To assemble the latter we will have to buy an entire wave as each pack will provide a different section of the final figure. In this case, the Marvel Legends belonging to “Spider-Man: a new universe” that will be used to compose Stilt-Man are a total of 6.

From the front window we will be able to clearly see both the reproduction of Miles and all the accessories supplied, including the rear part of Stilt-Man. By opening the box from the left side, the blister will come out. Let’s put our Spider-Man aside, focusing on the included accessories. More than accessories, this Marvel Legends includes only spare parts. In addition to head of the protagonist with his face uncovered already installed on the figure, we have the “masked” one and others two spare hands. To the closed fists are added two more hands in the classic position, ready to shoot cobwebs.

Unfortunately we have no other accessories, like fake plastic cobwebs that you can graft onto your hands: an addition that could, without a shadow of a doubt, make the difference.

The action figure – Marvel Legends review: Miles Morales (Spider-Man: a new universe)

In keeping with the vast majority of figures Hasbro produced, this Miles Morales Marvel Legends is 1:12 scale. Made entirely of plastic, this reproduction measures in fact 14.5cm in height e weighs only 41 grams. Out-of-the-box, the figure features the head of our Miles without his mask. Wearing a sweatshirt jacket and shorts, this Spider-Man partially covers his “identity”. Under the normal clothing, however, you can see theiconic black swimsuit with red logo on the chest.

Construction is based almost totally its one rigid plastic. Both the jacket (consisting of two sections) that the shorts are softer though. Especially the first is made of a more malleable material so as not to reduce mobility. If you were wondering, no: the jacket cannot be removed, also because the arms are covered by the sleeves of the latter and cannot be replaced.

Just below the shorts also pops out bottom of the costume characterized by the classic “cobweb” motif. Unlike the animated film, the figure is not wearing the famous Nike Air Jordan 1 in “Origin Story” colorway, but high sneakers in red and white color (easily customizable).

Sculpt and painting – Marvel Legends review: Miles Morales (Spider-Man: a new universe)

Lo sculpt, especially of the two heads, it’s not bad. From the afro hair, to the face with the typical “restless” expression, Miles’s features are exactly as we see him in the feature film. The second head (the masked one) is also faithfully sculpted. As far as you can see, the costume features the intricate pattern on both the front and the bottom of the back. The jacket has several folds also on the sleeves as well as several details such as the fake zip or hood.

The shorts have two pockets in the back and a belt. The lower swimsuit also features the iconic texture that starts from below the knee and ends above the shoe. Shoe that is not made in an excellent way with visible joints and highlighted by a painting that is not exactly excellent.

And this is precisely the sore point of this figure. Already from a first it is possible to notice the numerous painting errors present on its surface. In the smaller parts we have coarse smears, like the red paint that mixes with the black one in the hands, in addition to the white details on the poorly outlined shoes. Removed the various errors, the figure has no nuances, resulting a bit monotonous. What might look like a black spot on our protagonist’s forehead it is actually an attempt to reproduce a wrinkle.

How does it pose?

If painting is the Achilles’ heel, posability is one of the best sides. With features very similar to the skinny and agile Miles who roams New York City in the animated film, this figure enjoys several points of reference. The two heads are articulated by a double ball joint, which allows the neck to go forward and backward as well as to rotate the whole 360 ​​°. Thanks to the lower cavity, the two heads can look up and down reaching an excellent angle.

Both the shoulder that the elbow enjoy the same joint, which allows you to raise or lower your arms, bend them and rotate them completely. Both pairs of hands can rotate e move in come on e back. In abdominal part there is a joint that gives our Spidey a lot of mobility, going back and forth with the body. About life, instead, we have another one that manages the rotation.

the legs are anchored to the T-crotch thanks to some ball joints. The real spearhead lies in the knees which are characterized by a double articulation which allows you to fold them optimally. the shoesfinally, they can be turn up slightly, lowered to create a line with the legs and rotate 360 °.

In all the poses we made the jacket did not interfere absolutely but, rather, has improved the aesthetic rendering of the figure itself.

Marvel Legends: Miles Morales (Spider-Man: A New Universe) Review

Let’s sum it up

The Marvel Legends line is characterized by ups and downs. Being an economic collection, there are smudges. In fact, the price fluctuates around € 30.00 and, for this range we cannot expect a lot.

With a little patience, painting errors are solvable. All in all, the product is very valid both as regards the features of the protagonist, reproduced really well, and for theexcellent posability that a Spider-Man figure must have.

To purchase this action figure representing Miles Morals from the movie “Spider-Man: a new universe” you can click here!

Points in favor

  • Excellent posability
  • Two interchangeable heads and two pairs of hands
  • Sculpt well done
  • Faithful reproduction of the cinematic character

Points against

  • Painting errors
  • No accessories included
  • Quite “flat” painting
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