EU-Germany pact on e-fuels. Green light to endothermics from 2035. And Italy?

Patto Ue-Germania sugli e-fuel. Via libera alle endotermiche dal 2035. E l'Italia? thumbnail

It’s done: achieved the agreement Between EU-Germany on e-fuels. So since 2035 endothermic cars have been circulating since 2035. Great defeat for Italy and the Meloni government. Rumors have been circulating about the draft for a while. Then, over the weekend, the confirmation of the agreement on synthetic fuels is real. The law on the stop to the sale of internal combustion cars from 2035.

The bearer of news as always is the Vice-President of the European Commission. The Dutch Frans Timmermans, with a tweet announces that the European Union and Germany have reached an agreement. So the German government gives the green light to the deal on the stop to the sale of endothermics. Process of the law which, as is well known by now, was blocked due to the threat of abstention from Germany.

EU-Germany pact, the terms of the version of the agreement are not yet known

The official terms of the agreement between the EU and Germany are not yet known. As reported by the Reuters news agency, we know the draft issued last Wednesday (March 22). Where is the yes to synthetic fuels, but only under certain conditions.

In particular, the European Union will allow car and light commercial vehicle manufacturers to sell internal combustion vehicles after 2035. Provided they are powered exclusively with synthetic fuels. Manufacturers will therefore have to set up mechanisms or software updates that prevent the use of normal petrol or diesel fuels in these cars

EU-Germany pact on e-fluels

EU-Germany pact, yes to e-fuels, but with certain conditions

The EU-Germany pact on synthetic fuels brings constraints. The practical side: although theoretically there is the possibility of selling internal combustion cars even after 2035 – provided that the conditions set out above are respected – car manufacturers have repeatedly expressed doubts about the feasibility of using synthetic fuels. Finally, the CEO of Volkswagen, Thomas Schäfer, underlines that the battle over eFuel is background noise in the inevitable transition to electric.

EU-Germany pact, the slap to the Meloni government

As Carpenter gives victory to Germania and rip with the government Melons. This intentionally wanted to conclude the agreement on biofuels. There is still no official version of the agreement, it is assumed that biofuels are not included in the first draft. And, with Germany which will vote in favor of stopping the sale of internal combustion cars from 2035, the no front is crumbling and it no longer has a reason to exist.