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EU insurance is paid even if cars and motorbikes are stopped in the pits

A new EU directive on civil liability in transport, recently approved by the European Parliament, states that RC insurance for cars and motorcycles must be paid even if these vehicles are stopped in private areas (garages or condominium parking lots). In practice, the insurance companies will no longer be able to offer the suspension” for certain periods, this solution very popular among motorcyclists, who, especially in winter, they choose to put their two wheels to rest.

Before this directive, in Italy, the payment of insurance was providedonly for cars circulating or stopped in public areas (streets or public parking lots). Things change therefore, and the only way to not pay the insurance in the periods that the vehicle is not used is to declare it a “wreck”, or rather remove wheels and engine, operation which objectively becomes inconvenient and difficult to implement by most users.

EU motorcycle car insurance

Vehicles used for racing and those on the road that are about to be sold are excluded from this directive.

Car and motorcycle insurance, The EU complies with the decisions of the European Court of Justice

The decision of the European Parliament cannot be considered a bolt from the blue. In fact, the European Court of Justice has repeatedly expressed itself on the matter with various judgments, and specified that the insurance is linked to each vehicle, not to the use or otherwise of the same. The EU has done nothing but make these decisions “law” to which all member states will have to submit, given that in this regard each one had a different modus operandi.

The directive, as a practice, will have to undergo some bureaucratic times before becoming law. First of all, it must be published in the Official Journal of the EU, and from that date, the member states they will have two years to comply. There are those who hope that in the meantime the EU will soften, giving insurance companies the opportunity to offer discounted rates for the months when vehicles are not on the road. It could be a good idea, which would meet the directives of the European Parliament to those of users who will not be happy to shell out an identical amount both for a vehicle they use every day and for one. that maybe for 4 months is never moved from the box.

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