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EU warns Apple: no restrictions on USB-C iPhones

As expected the new EU regulationall smartphones (but also other devices with an internal battery) must be equipped with porta USB-C and, consequently, even Apple’s iPhones will have to adapt. The rumors confirm that Apple is preparing for the “big step” even if, according to the first rumors, the Cupertino-based company is considering a set of restrictions on the use of USB-C. From the EU, however, came a first warning to Apple. The European authorities will not accept restrictions of any kind.

Apple will not be able to limit the USB-C ports of its iPhones: the EU warning has already arrived

The EU, through Commissioner Thierry Breton, has already sent a letter to Apple. That letter includes an actual warning. Indeed, in the near future, limitations on the functioning of the USB-C ports of the iPhones will not be accepted.

Apple must adjust its smartphones by the end of December 2024. Consequently, the company could introduce USB-C already with the iPhone 15, adopting a series of limitations that will then be removed with the iPhone 16 arriving in 2026.

Meanwhile, it is arriving from the EU a real “guide” for producers. Over the next few months, in fact, the technical requirements that manufacturers will have to comply with for devices equipped with USB-C ports will be defined in detail. More details about USB-C limitations which Apple would be working on are available in the news below.

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