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TCL wins the Red Dot Award 2023 with the new S64 Series Soundbars

TCL is proud to announce that its new S64 Series soundbar line has won the prestigious Red Dot Award 2023 for the Product Design section

Established for over 60 years, the Red Dot Award is an international recognition and benchmark that certifies excellence in design. Awarded for the degree of innovation and the quality of its design, the S64 line consists of two models, designed to adapt to any environment.

TCL wins the Red Dot Award 2023 with the new S64 Series Soundbars

The extraordinary sound of the S64 Series

The compact and powerful TCL S643W 3.1 channel it has impressive power, thanks to the subwoofer that provides extremely deep and at the same time precise bass. The three full-range speakers with which it is equipped cover the acoustic spectrum completely and improve the experience of listening to dialogue.

Similarly, with the elegant TCL S642W 2.1 channelFeaturing two surround channels and a wireless subwoofer, listeners can enjoy powerful bass and experience distinctive sound quality.

All the soundbars of the TCL S64 Series have a surprising audio performance: the sound pressure derives in fact from the combined power of the central unit and the subwoofer. A more powerful sound and a more immersive user experience: the maximum audio power of the S643W is 240Wwhile that of the S642W is 200 Wand this also makes them ideal for use in rather large environments.

TCL wins the Red Dot Award 2023 with the new S64 Series Soundbars

Impressive audio characteristics and intelligent connectivity

All models of the S64 line are equipped with Dolby Audioan advanced and certified sound system that offers a multi-channel audio experience.

With crystal clear audio, easy to hear dialogue, crisp detail and lifelike surround sound, these soundbars are the perfect partner for any television, ensuring users get the most out of their entertainment system.

The S64 Home Theater series is also equipped with DTS Virtual:X, an audio codec designed to convey a greater sense of multidimensional spatiality. This 3D sound effect “envelops” users: sound appears to come from above, to the side and behind the listener, providing an immersive experience in any room.

For a richer and deeper sound, the function Bass Boost allows the subwoofer to pump out even more full-bodied bass at the push of a button, thus instantly reaching maximum sound power.

All soundbars from S64 series are equipped with six dedicated audio modes, suitable for different viewing and listening scenarios.

Users can choose from Standard, Movie, Music, Sports, Voice and Game modes to optimize sound effects and enhance the immersive experience.

And you? What do you think of the S64 series soundbars by TCL? Let us know with a comment below and always stay tuned to for other news and reviews from the world of technology (and beyond!).

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