EuroNASCAR 2: situation after races 1 and 2 of the German GP

Matteo De Filippi

The German GP brought with it notable surprises in these two EuroNASCAR 2 races. Let’s take stock of the situation and find out what happened

The championship is now coming to an end, but the important verdicts are slow in arriving. This is largely due to complex structure that characterizes the score of the various rankings and more. The whole obviously turns into one a truly attractive show for fans who will have to wait for the appointment Attic to find out what will become of their favorites.

Before German GP we had broken up with the EuroNASCAR 2 ranking which saw the Cypriot pilot in the lead Vladimiros Tziortzisfollowed by French Paul Jouffreau three points and from the Italian Albert Naska with a gap of only six lengths. The pilot of our house, after having imposed on Most with a sumptuous performance in the wet in game 2, he was called upon to replicate it to keep the hope of the title alive. Will he have succeeded? Let’s find out how the EuroNASCAR 2 German GP went.

EuroNASCAR 2: situation after races 1 and 2 of the German GP

Race 1: lots of tranquility | GP Germany EuroNASCAR 2

The first race of this weekend was not as exciting as one might expect from those who usually watch this category. They are indeed missing those contacts that have often characterizedfor better or for worse, previous racesbringing the Safety Car back onto the track and risking mixing up the fates of the various drivers.

The qualification saw the Frenchman Jouffreau takes pole position at Naska with a gap of almost two tenths. They then arrived behind the Italian Oaklet, Linster e Haircon DeGroot which closes the third row. Basically little or nothing changed in the race, with the first three positions totally unchangeddespite the 5 second penalty imposed on Jouffreau for a false start.

The only significant change in the league table was for Linster, forced to pit due to a problem to his car which then finished in eighteenth position. The most important surprise, however, comes from Vladimiros Tziortzis che non ha preso parte alla gara. Below we leave you the video of race 1 taken from the official profile of the company.

Race 2: the exact opposite of the previous one | GP Germany EuroNASCAR 2

If the first one was rather monotonous, the second was a succession of emotions. As you surely know, the starting grid is defined by best times from the previous raceso in this case we will have in pole Alberto Naskafollowed by the winner of race 1 Jouffreau. Behind them they find a place Linster, Hair, Schober e Benedetti.

You can already tell that it’s an eventful race from the start and into the second corner we witness the first spin of the race with Hauer which is repeated shortly afterwards in the same lap. Not even time to catch your breath before, still at the second corner, Linster center Naska trying to get inside, causing the Italian driver to spin now forced into a very difficult comeback. The driver of the number 50 will then be punished with a drive through.

Il contact between Schneider and Romagnoli which occurred on the ninth lap forces the commissioners to deploy the Safety Car after a few passes under Full Course Yellow. The race restarts again on the fourteenth lap and after some corners Naska spins again. Race to forget for the Italian driver who he will then finish fifteenth.

The emotions certainly don’t end here though. During the last lap Hairin an attempt to take second place from Linster, he is rear-ended by the Luxembourg driverfinishing his race eighth, just behind Linster that is seventh due to the 10 second penalty taken for contact. Vince la gara Patrick Schoberhis first overall victory in the category, followed by Toffel and DeGroot. Jouffreau finishes fourth, while Tziortzis twelfth after serving the 10 second penalty. Below we leave you the video of race 2 taken from the official profile of the company.

Nothing is said yet

Although the weekend was a happy one for Jouffreau, thanks to the good results achieved in the race and the bad luck that befell his direct rivals, nothing has yet been decided regarding the championship. The last two races at Zolder will be decisive, especially given the increase in points taken during the last two races. In fact, for this occasion the points will be doubled. So what should we expect from the last weekend in Belgium that the riders will see face each other on Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th October? To ensure you don’t miss any further news regarding the world of motors and the technological universe in general, continue to follow!