Yeedi Cube and Omni station review: the new frontier of robot vacuum cleaners

Torino-Roma: dove vedere la partita?

In this article the review of the Yeedi Cube and Omni station which represents the pinnacle of innovation in the world of robot vacuum cleaners as regards the Yeedi brand, the brand makes giant strides but remains anchored to the past

This device, developed by a Chinese manufacturer, stands as direct competition to the flagship models of Ecovacs and Dreame.

Despite the name “Yeedi Cube,” the robot vacuum maintains a circular shape, while its docking station takes on a rectangular shape (though not exactly cubic, but the name fits the bill).

Yeedi Cube and Omni station review: the new frontier of robot vacuum cleaners

Classic yet modern design | Yeedi Cube and Omni station review

The unit, made entirely of plastic, features a matte white finish on the top and a black bottom. The top houses a large Transparent water tankthe largest ever seen on a robot vacuum cleaner.

To remove the water tank, simply activate the locking switch and use the convenient lifting handle.

The top of the device also houses a trio of buttons: Home, (Auto) Clean e Spot Cleaningsurrounding an upward-facing camera, used for the technology VSLAM.

This camera, combined with the front laserconstitutes the navigation system “Vision and Laser Fusion” by Yeedi, a step forward in intelligent navigation.

Examining the chassis of the device, you notice drain grates, charging pins, a dustbin release button and a button 0/1. The brush and wash rag removal system remains intuitive and easy to use.

Furthermore, they are present carpet detection sensors he was born in floor trackingwhich significantly improve the navigation system.

Finally, a anti-fall sensor and two large adaptive wheels that raise or lower based on the surface detected by the sensors round out the Yeedi Cube’s arsenal of features.

Here’s what we find in the box

The Yeedi Cube comes in a very large box. But he needs it, because the content is very large! In fact you will find:

Yeedi Cube and Omni station review: the new frontier of robot vacuum cleaners

Vacuuming and washing | Yeedi Cube and Omni station review

The cleaning effectiveness of the Yeedi Cube robot is guaranteed by its powerful suction, which reaches a power of 5100Pa.

This considerable power allows the robot to easily deal with any type of dirt, whether it is pet hair or crumbs in the kitchen.

Furthermore, the side brushes play an essential role in the cleaning process, helping to collect dust and scattered crumbs.

This debris is precisely conveyed towards the central mouth of the robot, ensuring complete and optimal cleaning in every part of the house.

Even on carpets and textile surfaces, the rubber brush proves to be highly efficient in removing lint and hair.

How does this Yeedi Cube wash?

As far as cleaning is concerned, it is precisely in this field that the Yeedi Cube excels, as well as on your floor, laminate, tiles or parquet, just as we found with the previous Vac 2 Pro reviewed in April 2022.

The oscillating sonic head proves exceptional at providing a deep, thorough clean on non-carpeted floors, and its finish is flawless, leaving no traces or streaks.

After the cleaning cycle is complete, the Cube vacuum cleaner returns to the self-emptying station. In this sentence, we note that the process is a bit noisy, as the Omni station takes care of removing the collected dirt from the Cube and also empties the UFO’s tank.

The first is deposited in a dedicated dust bag, while the second is transferred to a water tank, which must later be emptied manually.

Once the emptying operation is finished, the Omni station also takes care of it cleaning and drying the mop head.

This feature represents considerable added value, especially considering the price of the device. This function contributes significantly to maintaining hygiene, preventing the mop head from developing unpleasant odors that could arise if it were left to dry alone.

By doing this, the unpleasant smell of humidity is also avoided.

The only flaw in our opinion is the use of a rag instead of rotary mops. The cleaning achieved through this Yeedi system, although effective, is not up to the level of its competitors.

In conclusion

Throughout this review, we have carefully examined the features and performance of the vacuum cleaner robot Yeedi Cube. It is clear that this device stands out in multiple aspects that place it at the top of its category and in its price range.

In summary, the Yeedi Cube proves to be a great choice for those looking for a high-quality robot vacuum cleaner with exceptional performance and advanced features.

Its suction power, intelligent navigation technology and automatic cleaning management place it at the top of the category.

If you want a reliable ally in your fight against dust and dirt, the Yeedi Cube is undoubtedly a choice worth considering. With Yeedi Cube, cleaning becomes a smarter and more convenient experience than ever.

Points in favor

  • Powerful suction
  • Advanced navigation technology
  • Self-emptying and automatic maintenance station

Points against

  • Noise
  • Rag instead of mops
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