F1, Newey-Red Bull: official announcement of separation within hours

A statement from Red Bull should be released in the next few hours confirming Adrian Newey's departure from the Anglo-Austrian team

The impending news of Adrian Newey's split from Red Bull has sent shock waves through the world of Formula 1. Red Bull is expected to announce today will publish an official statement to confirm the farewell of the British genius, a legendary figure in the F1 paddock. According to sources, Newey would have reached an agreement with Red Bull to be released from his contract early. Although the contract was originally scheduled until end of 2025, it seems that there was an agreement to allow Newey to leave the team early and start working elsewhere. However, there is a one-year lock-in period included in the contract, meaning Newey may not be free to start working for another team immediately.

Newey's departure would be a major blow to Red Bull, who have enjoyed considerable success thanks to his skills over the years. Currently, the team is at the top of the Formula 1 world with the Dutch driver Max Verstappenbut Newey's departure could make a difference the beginning of a transition phase and uncertainty for the team.

F1, Newey-Red Bull: official announcement of separation within hoursF1, Newey-Red Bull: official announcement of separation within hours

Adrian Newey via Dalla Red Bull

The Ferrari appears to be high on the list of possible destinations for Newey. There is speculation that he could contribute to the development of the team's car for the 2026 season, which will be significantly affected by the upcoming new regulations. Newey's ability to adapt and innovate in response to regulatory changes has been one of its defining characteristics over the years. However, we must also consider the abundant economic offer that theAston Martin would have ready for Newey from 100 million euros for 4 seasons.

The relationship between Newey and the Red Bull team principal, Christian Horner, seems to have become tense lately. Internal disputes, including an abuse-of-power investigation against an employee involving Horner, contributed to a climate of tension. Newey may have found these circumstances frustrating and may have influenced her decision to leave the team after 19 years. At Red Bull there is an air of uncertainty for the near future without the British designer, with Christian Horner who will now have to be good at not letting other top engineers slip away.

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