EuroNASCAR: here are the champions of the various categories

Matteo De Filippi

The EuroNASCAR world championship ended in Zolder and decreed the new champions in its two categories. Let’s see who won the titles

Even the last stage of the World EuroNASCAR 2023 ended, bringing with it important news regarding the final rankings of the various championships. The last two races have proven themselves a roller coaster of emotions with overtaking, accidents and penalties that shuffled the cards until the last lap. But let’s go in order and find out who are the EuroNASCAR champions in the two categories of the championship.

EuroNASCAR: here are the champions of the various categories

EuroNASCAR 2: Jouffreau wins race 2 and wins the title | EuroNASCAR champions

Let’s start from the “lower” category, if we can still define it that way given the high level demonstrated this year. After one race 1 was exciting and had some important twists and turnsstarring the same man Paul Jouffreau, game 2 was no different. After a regular start, on lap 5 we already see the first fights between the drivers. Linsterwho does not have the same pace as race 1, is overtaken first by Schober and then from Albert NaskaWhile at the back Vladimiros Tziortzis begins his comeback to try to maintain first position in the rankings.

On the following lap an accident forces the stewards to declare the regime Full Course Yellow (FCY). The restart, however, is disastrous for the Italian driver who can be seen overtaken by De Groot and Linster in one fell swoop. The situation doesn’t improve for him and indeed, with the arrival of the rain on the ninth lap, Naska begins to slide further and further behind until complete withdrawal before the end of the race. Meanwhile the rain intensifies and many riders lose grip, ending up in sand and causing a new FCY.

The first to cross the finish line in these impossible conditions is the Frenchman Paul Jouffreau, who thanks to a perfect race he also takes home the title of category champion. They arrive behind him Oaklet, Shober, De Groot e Tziortzis to close the top 5. This result, however, is not enough for the Cypriot driver who sees the title slip away by just 4 points.

EuroNASCAR: here are the champions of the various categories

EuroNASCAR PRO: thrilling final and title going to Ercoli | EuroNASCAR champions

The start is almost similar to that of race 1, with a wet track and the safety car deployed for a couple of laps. So it will be necessary wait for the third lap to really start the dancing. However, right in the first two laps an event happens that is as strange and inexplicable as it is of vital importance for the championship hierarchies. Vittorio Ghirellione of the main contenders for the title, ends up in a spin and is forced to return to last position, unofficially saying goodbye to his dreams of glory.

The battle immediately becomes intense and at the beginning of the fourth lap Dauenhauer manages to overcome Lasserre earning first place. From here on the German driver will have his own race, winning by a huge lead, almost as if he were playing a video game. Although first place in the race is now gone, the real battle takes place behind, with Gianmarco Ercoli which begins a furious comebacktrying to get back on top to get as many points as possible to try to reopen the championship which he was taking the colors of the Frenchman Lasserre.

The latter, however, is not as flawless as in race 1 and he almost seems unable to find a good feeling with his car, although he still manages to defend himself from the other drivers behind him. The track conditions are not exactly optimal and as the laps go by many drivers start to go long and are forced to retire. All this is to the advantage of Ercoli, who a few laps from the end he finds himself eightha result that guarantees him bonus points for the greatest number of overtakings.

The pressure on Lasserre becomes increasingly unsustainable and the Frenchman slips from the frying pan into the fire when on lap 15 he was touched by Marco Ercoli, ending up in a spin and losing many positions. He still manages to returning before Gianmarco Ercoli and he will finish his race seventh, just ahead of the Italian.

EuroNASCAR: here are the champions of the various categories

Post-match penalties

However, the world championship does not end here. The management will give a slew of post-race penalties which hit, among many, Maggi, who finished in second place, and Lasserre. The French pilot was the author of an infringement in the departure procedures and he will finish the race only tenth. The Italian of CAAL Racing therefore he wins the category champion title with a 15 point gap on the Frenchman himself, while his team sees the championship title slipping in favor of Competition meeting after a not exactly easy weekend. These were the EuroNASCAR champions in the various categories. To ensure you don’t miss future news regarding the world of motors, continue to follow!