Europa League: predictions from the best bookmakers

Juventus-Verona: dove vedere la partita?

In this dedicated article we will discover the best predictions from bookmakers relating to the potential winner of the 2023/24 Europa League

The UEFA Europa League has arrived 53rd edition. The competition which saw Sevilla crowned champions last year is currently in the group stage and will end on 22 maggio 2024 with the final played in Dublin. The best betting sites have already got an idea of ​​who could be the crowned team in this year’s competition, and everything seems to point to Liverpool being the lucky one. But despite the preparation, which according to many is superior to all the others present in the competition, the bookmakers also take into consideration other proposals, which as we will analyze in this article, could reserve some surprises.

The current situation

Although the Champions League remains perhaps the most followed and loved competition by fans, the Europa League certainly should not be underestimated. Winning this type of competition is anything but simple, and taking part in it are some of the best teams that the European scene has to offer.

This year’s match sees Liverpool as the main contender for the title. The Reds squad currently seems to be the most structured and suited to competing compared to the other teams. At the moment he is in his group with all the victories in tow and an increasing desire to get to the end of the competition. In fact, we can say that it seems almost more like a preparation to return to the Champions League Liverpool of this year.

Possible surprises

However, we must not underestimate the Brighton, which continues its relentless growth despite a few stumbles along the way. De Zerbi’s is a Brighton team that has found new life and could reserve some surprises for us this year.

Another added value that we must take into account is that of Roma. All things considered, the Giallorossi are to all intents and purposes the reigning European vice-champions at the moment, and given the experience on the pitch, the maturity under Mourinho’s guidance and the desire to take what was taken from them last year , we can only expect great things. One point in Roma’s favor this year was the phenomenal transfer market coup which saw them win Lukaku, who represents one of the best strikers within the European scene. So if we add him to the equation we can expect great things from the Giallorossi in Europe.

Every self-respecting competition also reserves surprises, and this year we can say that Leverkusen really surprised us. Never before have the Germans represented a danger for the other teams, returning to the group with full scores and with the possibility of continuing this trend without any particular stumbles along the way.

What do the Bookmakers say about the final victory of the Europa League?

As for a possible winner, the bookmakers have no doubts. According to the odds, the Reds will win, or rather deserve, the cup. The team coached by Klopp is without a doubt the one that most deserves the victory, representing a problem for any opponent who faces them. In fact, on paper, there doesn’t seem to be anyone capable of facing them at the moment. Liverpool’s victory is priced at 4.50 for Sisal and Bet365.

However, there was a big gap for the other positions. In fact, we find ourselves competing for second place in the rankings of the most popular, but still with a clear distance from Liverpool, Leverkusen and Roma. The German surprise revelations of the competition are given as winners with odds that are around 13.00 on sites like Bet365 and 12.00 for Bwin. We can say the same thing for the Giallorossi, who don’t give up and win similar figures, but in this case most bookies agree, Roma are in fact priced at 13.00.

The English second team, Brighton, should not be underestimated either, as with odds of 15.00 for Sisal and 17.00 for Bet365 they represent a serious opponent to take into consideration. Different story for teams like Villareal, West Ham and Atalanta, who with odds that exceed 20.00 for most sites, seem to be far from even being able to compete for victory. We just have to wait and observe the competition to find out how it will end, if the predictions will be correct or if there will be some surprises in store.

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