Eurovision, Russian hacker attack blocked during voting

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The Italian police blocked the hacker attack by the Russians of Killnet during Eurovision votes, guaranteeing the outcome of the singing competition. The attacks would come both during the semi-final on May 10 and on Saturday during the final. But they were blocked, which allowed the victory of the representatives of Ukraine Kalush Orchestra.

The hacker attack on Eurovision 2022 by the Russians of Killnet blocked

Over the past week, law enforcement and the anti cyber espionage group of our country have had to work to stem several hacker attacks. Work of the Russian group Killnet and its affiliates Legion. Which have cvisited the sites of the Senate and Defense, as well as many institutions and important Italian companies.

But the attack carried out against Eurovision, hosted in Turin by Italy after last year’s victory Maneskin, did not bear any fruit. Hackers tried to block voting from home already in semifinal of 10 May, without success. On Saturday during the final they did the same, trying to stop televoting. But with no luck, thanks to the response of the event’s IT security.

The televoting has had a fundamental role in this edition. In fact it led to victory there Kalush Orchestra, representative of Ukraine, who was not earlier after the votes of the various delegations. A victory therefore driven by the popular vote and enthusiastically welcomed by Ukrainian president Zelensky, who comments: “Our courage impresses the world and our music conquers Europe! Next year Ukraine will host Eurovision ”.

The police also exploited the information published by the hacker on Telegram to identify geographic origin attacks. This made it possible to block further attacks on Italian infrastructures.

Russia has denied its involvement with the Killnet hacker attacks but many analysts are reading political intent in this series of attacks. Especially for the symbolic value who took over the Ukrainian victory of the singing competition.

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