My Hero Academia: final of the clash between Shoto and Dabi

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My Hero Academia returns to the pages of Shonen Jump, where we discover the outcome of the fraticidal clash between Shoto and the villain Dabi. Cover dedicated to Witch Watch

See envelops the entire battlefield in its infernal flames, but Shoto he has perfected a technique that can beat him. Following a different path from that conceived by his father to combine flames and ice, Shoto creates cold flamesusing his heart as a meeting point between the right and left side of the body.

Dabi, consumed by his own flames, claims that he and Shoto are two lines that will never meet, but the latter is ready to disprove it. With his final attack, he not only defeats his brother, but saves him from his own searing heat.

My Hero Academia is back in style on Shonen Jump and on MangaPlus, after a month’s break for the author Kohei Horikoshi. With the defeat of Dabi, the saga, and therefore the opera, is getting closer and closer to its conclusion.

My Hero Academia: final of the clash between Shoto and Dabi

Not only My Hero Academia: other highlights of Shonen Jump

Witch Watch di Kenta Shinohara conquers the cover of the magazine, confirming itself as a novelty on the rise. The manga is a comedy with a unique and highly sought after comic style. Shinohara has managed to create a solid foundation for his work, a simple storyline that sees a number of quirky characters living under one roof.

Although the gags are often heavily focused on Japanese culture, Moi, Niko and the others have all the credentials to be appreciated abroad as well. We’ll see if that’s the case.

One Piece he gives us strong emotions with the definitive blow that Luffy strikes at Kaido, probably ending the battle and the longest saga ever. We will not know for another two weeks, as Oda will take the usual break.