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Everything asks for salvation: the new Italian series from 14 October on Netflix

The new Italian series, Tutto Calls for Salvation directed by Francesco Bruni; available next October 14 on the Netflix platform. Based on the autobiographical novel of the same name by Daniele Mencarelli; mental health addressed through a crescendo of emotions and fragility

Netflix officially announces the debut of the new Italian series, Everything asks for salvation. Directed by Francesco Bruni, it will be available starting October 14th exclusively on the well-known platform.

Freely based on the autobiographical novel of the same name by Daniele Mencarelli (winner of the Young Witch Award 2020); the delicate issue of mental health through the eyes of those who have experienced it.

Seven episodes one for each of the seven days of TSO (Compulsory Health Treatment) to which Daniele (Federico Cesari, already known in the Skam Italia series) is subjected following a psychotic breakdown. A battle towards one’s own hidden demons, along a hard path of oneself.

Beyond Federico Cesari as the protagonist, also present in the cast Andrea PennacchiVincenzo Crea, Lorenzo Renzi and Vincenzo Nemolato.

Everything asks for salvation: the cry of normality and hope

A bitter comedy direct and without veils, magazine in a contemporary key. The deep battle against the demons within, with a heartbreaking cry for help but full of hope.

Does ending up under TSO for seven days mean being crazy? This is what Daniele asks himself, a twenty-year-old with an excess of sensitivity, who after a psychotic crisis wakes up in the dormitory of a psychiatric ward, together with five unlikely roommates with whom he thinks he has nothing in common, pressured by doctors who they want to rummage in his brain, and looked after by nurses who seem cynical and disinterested.

But seven days are long and what at first seemed like a sentence slowly turns into one of the most intense and formative experiences of his life.

A dramedy of existences, aimed at instilling a different light towards felt themes such as: mental distress; normality, the power of friendship and the importance of relationships.

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