Everything we know about iPhone SE 5G (2022)

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Apple is ready to launch the new one iPhone SE 5G (2022), the third generation of its cheapest smartphone. From the design to the likely date of the announcement, many details have leaked online, although Apple does not give some official confirmation. Here’s everything we know about the iPhone SE 5G (2022).

iPhone SE 5G (2022): Everything we know about the budget iPhone

According to what emerges from the various online rumors, the economic version of the iPhone should arrive shortly. It seems in fact that he will be the protagonist of the first event of the year for the Apple, which should arrive at March or at most ad April.

So in the last few months we have seen a lot of news about the device: the production has already started and Apple is preparing to ship millions of iPhone SE 5G to its customers who want to save some money. So let’s go see all the specifications and features we know about the device.

iPhone SE 5G (2022), same design as the predecessor

The rumors about this detail are so solid that one almost takes them for certain. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo and display expert Ross Young have confirmed that the iPhone SE 3 will have one 4.7 inch LCD screen, with thick edges both at the top (where you find the speaker and camera for selfies, but no Face ID) and at the bottom (where there is the physical button for the Touch ID).

This means it uses the same design as iPhone 8, presented five years ago (in September 2017). On the positive side, however, you can also unlock it with the mask (but not with gloves).

According to rumors, this year Apple is expected to revolutionize the design of the iPhone 14 with a punchhole, while it will wait next year or 2024 to change the design of the iPhone SE, which will resemble the iPhone XS. While the design remains the same, it means that you will still find the entrance Lightning for charging.

The processor, however, is of the latest cry

If the design remains the same, the most significant upgrade comes from the processor. Tons of confirmations from reputable sources are reporting that iPhone SE 5G (2022) should have a chip A15 Bionic, the same one you find in the iPhone 13. So expect great power, with all the features of iOS 15 that will run smoothly and quickly.

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As with the iPhone 13 baseline, you will find 4GB from RAM. Which on Android would not be very many but which for iOS 15 are more than enough. More uncertainty for fixed memory: the current model of the iPhone SE, which uses A13 Bionic as the chip, offers versions from 64GB e 128GB. Instead, iPhone 13 starts at 128GB, something that could also happen for the new version of the SE series.

However, the addition of 5G connectivity, now standard for most medium-high-end devices and beyond, is fundamental.


Since the design is based on the iPhone 8, it seems that this new version of the iPhone SE will also have one camera. Which isn’t necessarily a problem: most users don’t regularly use wide-angle and telephoto cameras, which become of little use if they are poor quality additions. Apple wants to keep the price low for this device, and rather to add a 2MP macro better to optimize the software to extract the best from the only 12MP camera supplied.

The front camera of the current model is from 7MP, but Apple may decide to do an upgrade a 12MP as for the current iPhone line. An improvement that would also allow you to better exploit the camera for selfies and video calls on FaceTime, on which Apple has often put the focus in the latest product presentations.

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iPhone SE 5G (2022): price and availability

As they said, multiple sources are reporting a possible launch a March or April for iPhone SE 3. The previous two versions arrived in March 2016 and April 2020, respectively.

As for the price, it is thought to remain unchanged compared to the previous generation. In Italy the current price is 499 euros for the basic version. Much more than the US $ 399, but much less than any other iPhone that can be purchased from the Apple website. The price, however, could be lower at other retailers, or lowered by exchange.

At the moment, this is the information regarding the new iPhone SE coming in 2022. Are you planning to buy it? Let us know what you think of this smartphone in the comments.