Everything we know about Nothing Phone (1)

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The rumors about the Nothing Phone (1), the smartphone of Carl Pei’s start-up that seems ready to revolutionize the mobile phone sector. In these last hours, in fact, the company has unveiled not only the design of the phone, but also its launch date. The next July 12, on the occasion of the Nothing event, we will finally get to know the smartphone. In the meantime, here is a series of useful sneak peeks on its features.

Nothing Phone (1): all the details in preview


“Losses are harder to contain nowadays and many of you have been waiting for a long time. So here it is. This is the design of the Phone (1) “. Like this Carl Pei previewed the company’s new smartphone in a tweet posted this morning. From what we can see, the Nothing Phone (1) will have a square and compact design, with a white back with a transparent effect – a fairly characteristic trait of the company -. As you can see from the image below, there will be a series of bright stripes located on the back and a logo in plain sight in the center of the design.

Credits: Nothing

As for the other details, it would seem that the smartphone will arrive on the market with a display AMOLED 6.55 inch with resolution Full HD+high refresh rate, support HDR10+ and great attention to colors. Beyond this, it seems that the screen will have a decidedly flat style, with no curved edges, so as to facilitate the user experience as well. In short, a respectable design, which is accompanied by a series of technical specifications that will not go unnoticed.

Technical specifications

As for the technical specifications of the Nothing Phone (1), one thing is certain: it will be powered by a chip Qualcomm Snapdragon. But it is not yet clear which specific model it will be. According to some, it could be Snapdragon 778Gwhile someone else favors the hypothesis of Snapdragon 7 Gen 1. In both cases, the rumors seem to agree on a smartphone equipped with 8 GB in RAM e 128GB of storage. Among other details, one of our interest is certainly the equipment of the 4500 mAh batterywhich could provide users with the option of fast charging.

Beyond this, it would also seem that Nothing’s smartphone ensures one ricarica wireless somewhat performing. In this sense, the circulation of images showing a probable is of great interest charging cover for the phone – clearly transparent -. Apparently, it would be a case capable of wrapping the entire device, the operation of which is based on a technology similar to Apple’s MagSafe. Finally, the details relating to the photographic sector are also interesting. Get ready for a smartphone with triple rear camerawith sensors from 50, 8 and 2 MP. The front camera will have instead a 32 MP module.

A last interesting detail undoubtedly concerns the operating system with which the smartphone will be launched on the market. From some rumors, we think the Nothing Phone (1) will have a ‘custom user interface, with exclusive features and details that respond to the minimal philosophy of Carl Pei’s company. While not having great certainties about it, we are pretty sure that Nothing will propose a open ecosystem, which will allow users to easily link / integrate the company’s products as well as those of third parties. For all the other details, however, we are waiting for July 12th.


Finally, we also pay attention to the purchase price of Nothing’s smartphone, which should be around 500 €. It remains to be seen only if this will really be available in Italy, given that for the moment the company has confirmed its debut in United Kingdom e Germania. In any case, it is clear enough that many other European countries will be affected by the launch of the phone, but we still don’t know for sure when. However, Italy appears to be among the lucky countries. And we too.

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