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How play to earn works: earn by playing crypto games

The world of blockchain and NFTs is literally invading the various sectors, and that of video games is no exception. To understand how the trend play to earn (literally plays to earn) is making its way into the gaming world, we turned to Aries TechBrianza software house located in Seregno (MB). A reality that well knows the potential of gaming applied to the blockchain. In two words: crypto games.

Crypto gaming represents the new basis for play to earn

Aries Tech explains that in recent years a new supply-demand market has been exploding that revolves around the concept of crypto gaming. These are video games that allow you to earn cryptocurrencies based on the time dedicated to the game itself and the results obtained. So here we come to the concept of earn by playing. Once the tokens have been obtained, the player can decide to convert them into real currency through the appropriate exchanges. The user will then be able to receive a bank transfer for his dedicated in-game time.

At the base of the mechanism are the investments in the making of the game. This is a fundamental element to guarantee a large participation of users and to encourage the collection of funds for research and development and for marketing activities, it consists precisely in creation of a specific cryptocurrency. In the specific case Aries Tech, for the validation of its projects, collaborated with specifications DAO (Decentralized autonomous organization). These followed the digital currency development and certification process.

Put simply, crypto games shift the focus on the user, allowing him to enhance his efforts in the game. These get paid off (literally).

“The gaming sector is a very complex sector because it requires from software houses transversal skills both for the development of video games and for the management of the blockchain and, in more advanced projects, a consolidated experience in the management of the IoT and devices. digital that revolve around you ” says Luca Vajani, CEO of Aries Tech. “Furthermore, the play to earn mechanism represents an incentive to encourage people to take proactive actions that can be truly paid. Despite the prejudices, it is a transparent model because the cryptocurrency, which is specially created for that game, falls within the universal law according to which that object has the value that the community attributes to it. The value aspect therefore assumes a fundamental significance for the NFT market which, lately, is registering a significant rate of growth “.

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