Everything we know about the iPhone 14 Pro camera

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Since Apple first introduced the Pro series – which happened with the launch of the iPhone 11 three years ago now – it has always been thought that this was characterized by a high quality camera system. On the other hand, the iPhone 11 Pro provided Apple’s first triple camera setup with Night Mode – the first for iPhone – and unmatched video quality, all powered by the A13 Bionic chip. Yet despite this, Apple’s high-end smartphone didn’t have all the features of a premium device. Now, however, the iPhone 14 Pro camera they really seem to make the phone a noteworthy model. Let’s see why.

iPhone 14 Pro: The camera will have a major upgrade

Leaks and rumors about a 48 MP camera updated on iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max started popping up almost a year ago. And now, a few days after Apple’s “Far Out” event, the rumors leaked on the Net seem to have found almost official confirmation. It is clear, therefore, that there will be an upgrade from the 12 MP that Apple has accustomed users to for nearly eight years. And this notable increase will help support a number of useful new features, such as 8K video recording – up to 60fps, according to some rumors -. A detail that makes the new iPhone series a great competitor for Android.

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On the other hand, film experts will know that 8K video recording is used almost exclusively in Hollywood-level productions. In this case, in fact, recording allows not only to obtain a sharper image, but also to allow filmmakers to crop, stabilize and reformulate the shots after they have been recorded. Typically, a higher resolution allows for one greater flexibility in post-production, which is a highly regarded feature on TV and movies. Clearly, the cameras of the iPhone 14 Pro will not lend themselves to a production of this type, due to the size of the sensor and the fact that the footage will always have a “computational” aspect that will not hold up particularly well when editing. professional level. Despite this, the iPhone 14 Pro will lend itself perfectly to high-quality footage.

But there are other news. The higher resolution of the new 48MP sensor should allow the iPhone 14 Pro to shoot more detailed photos. And the larger sensor should help it perform better in low light. In this case, Apple could choose to insert a correct “pro” mode inside the camera, so as to allow users to adjust the properties of photos and videos. On the other hand, among the improvements of the iPhone 14 Pro camera is the addition of a sensor. This means that the smartphone will have the 48MP main camera sensor, the already updated 3x zoom snapper, and a new one ultra wide angle camera. This, according to Ming-Chi Kuo, should bring nearly twice as much light as the iPhone 13 Pro’s existing tiny sensor.

iPhone 14 Pro camera

Finally, it must be considered that the front camera of the iPhone 14 series will be equipped with the presence dell’autofocus. This means that the camera will be able to continuously track your face in the frame. And it will make you stand out from the background by adding a slight blur / bokeh, which is one of the easiest ways to make your photos and videos look more “professional”. And that’s without Apple’s portrait mode-enabled bokeh for photos or cinematic mode blur for videos, which will further enhance image rendering. In short, a series of interesting improvements, which really make the iPhone 14 a Pro model.