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Apple ready to unveil a subscription for iPhones

Tomorrow Apple will present the new ones iPhone 14but it looks like the event Far Out will announce another big news: the Apple will launch a subscription designed to buy iPhones. For a monthly fee, you can get a new iPhone with each renewal. Along with several services.

Apple will announce a subscription for iPhones

The news comes from Mark Gurman by Bloomberg, considered the most accurate expert in previewing news on the Apple world. So while these aren’t official confirmations, expect to hear Tim Cook announce a subscription designed to renew your iPhone every year.

According to Gurman, Apple is thinking of offering some sort of lease on the smartphone, which you can pay monthly and renew when a new model hits the market. And in all likelihood it will be related to Apple One, the Cupertino service bundle. So in addition to the iPhone you will have Apple TV+space iCloud extras and much more.

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Gurman also speculates on the price. According to him, Apple will want to stay below the cost for the iPhone Upgrade Programwhich currently costs $ 35.33 a month in America. So a subscription might come from $ 35 for the base iPhone, $ 45 for the iPhone Pro, and $ 50 for the iPhone Pro Max.

This subscription would be worth only a little more than Apple One Premierwhich costs $ 29.95 per month. So it may be that if there are also services, the price could go up. But at the moment it is difficult to understand Apple’s pricing policy. Especially to adapt it to Italy, where it is not certain that the service will arrive tomorrow.

iPhone +, as the subscription seems to be called, could officially arrive by the end of 2022. But the chances that the Apple hints at the service in tomorrow’s event are high. And one day it could announce similar services for Macs, iPads and all the more expensive products.

What do you think about it? Would you use a similar service? Let us know in the comments.

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