Everything you need to know about Nothing Ear 1

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The co-founder of OnePlus Carl Pei created a new company called Nothing, which is about to launch a new product: Nothing Ear 1 (or “Ear (1)). A pair of auricolari true wireless that promise to have a revolutionary and transparent design. But which aim above all to provide great audio performance and excellent functionality as well remaining under 100 euros. The announcement is imminent but we have many rumors regarding the features of Nothing Ear 1.

Nothing Ear 1: truly top features

We’ve all been there for the past two years get used to true wireles earphoness, which have now become part of the everyday life of many users. They’re great for listening to a podcast while riding the subway, relaxing with the right melody or charging up with the bass during a workout. And then they allow you to use thevoice assistant of your smartphone, answer the calls. All without having to take your eyes off what you are doing.

But most of the headphones in this category are starting to have room-filling sound and full functionality only exceeded the threshold of 100 euros. Below there are headphones with interesting functions but that do not sound great, or vice versa that pay much attention to the audio quality but less to the features.

The new Nothing Ear 1 promise instead to amaze us. Officially we only know that they will be headphones with the active noise cancellation (ANC). And the company promises that it will have “three high definition microphones to bring you music, movies and podcasts with great focus ”. Nothing ensures that “users can expect a premium experience” but does not go into other details.

However we know from the rumors that the battery in the case should be from 570mAh, which should guarantee up to 24 hours of autonomy with ANC and 34 without. With ten minutes you should have up to 8 hours autonomy. And the refill is wireless.

For the audio quality we should wait to try them (and we will let you have all the information once we have done our tests). But ANC and wireless charging are two premium features. If the quality in the calls were to be good and the audio level, we would be faced with a really interesting model.

A revolutionary design

But if Nothing has remained rather “buttoned up” compared to the technical specifications of Ear 1, it has given us some details about the design. In fact, he distributed to the press and on social networks a detail of the headphones, which they show them made of transparent material.

nothing ear ready to launch transparent headphones-min

The company said it based its choices on three principles: “Weightless, Effortless and Timeless”. The expectation is therefore that the lines of the design itself are simple and elegant, balancing in some way the originality of the transparent color. But above all they should be very light. Which is great for everyday use, although bass thickness may suffer. Although in the last period we have tried some headphones capable of surprising us despite the very low weight.

Nothing Ear 1: release date, price and where to buy them

Nothing asked all the newspapers to write down the date of the July 27 for the launch of the headphones, every 15 you can follow the launch event directly from the box below.

As for the release date in the Italian market, there are still no official confirmations. But given the contacts he is having with the Italian press, we think they are ready immediately after launch at least with pre-order. The prediction is that we will be able to wear these headphones by the end of the summer.

The cost was confirmed at 99 euros for a pair of Nothing Ear 1. The first leaked figure was 5,999 rupees for the Indian market, which would have been worth 68.50 euros at the exchange rate. A truly mind-boggling deal. But the European price still remains below average given the leaked specifications.

Carl Pei explained that in England, users will be able to try the headphones at Selfridges, while in India they will be sold by FlipKart. Per Italy at the moment there are no partnerships details but we expect the announcement of at least the main e-commerce chains to arrive soon. These days it was also held an auction to buy the first 100 models in preview, time over the 500 pounds across the Channel. But it’s worth it to wait a few days.

This is just Nothing’s first product, although new announcements are expected to arrive soon. We are really curious to test these headphones and will let you have more information as soon as it is available.

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