Oculus: new social and security features with update v31

Oculus: nuove funzioni social e di sicurezza con l'aggiornamento v31 thumbnail

The new Oculus v31 update focuses on introducing new features to play together and on security settings. For users, therefore, there are several innovations to make the most of Oculus with the new features to interact with the community and protect their personal data.

What’s new in Oculus v31 update

Among the first innovations ofOculus update v31 we find the function Invite in the app, available in the Quest menu. This function allows you to send a pop-up notification of sending to friends, acquaintances or playmates. Once the notification is accepted, the multiplayer session will start immediately. This feature will soon be available in games such as Beat Saber, Blaston, Demeo, Echo VR, ForeVR Bowl, Hyper Dash, PokerStars VR, and Topgolf with Pro Putt.

From the Oculus app for Android and iOS you can send a personalized invitation link via Messenger Oh yes share on their social networks. The update also adds the sending and reading confirmations to the Messenger app to simplify conversations as much as possible thanks to the reactions.

Security news

As for safety, there is the new security settings panel. Users can set or reset an unlock pattern on the browser or via the app. Note that lBrowser app will automatically save and fill passwords which will be protected by an unlock pattern.

For all the details on the new update you can take a look at the official blog.