Evil Dead The Game: release confirmed in February 2022

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About a year ago, Saber Interactive and Boss Team announced that Evil Dead: The Game would be arriving in 2021, starring Bruce Campbell himself. We finally have a more precise launch window, as the developers tweeted that the game will arrive in February 2022, probably in the face of a delay due to Covid-19.

Evil Dead: The Game arrives in February 2022

According to what we read in the post on Twitter, the reason for the delay in the game is largely due to the team’s need to “refine all the details to package the ultimate Evil Dead experience all fans have been waiting for.” Always in the place we read that developers will take advantage of the extra time to add a single player mode, to allow players to enjoy the title on their own.

As we saw in the December launch trailer, Ash along with Kelly and the crew find themselves once again working together to fight the undead led by a powerful demon. The title seems to be thought of as an asymmetrical video game in the style of Dead by Daylight, with the addition of a chainsaw hand and the classic witty phrases of Bruce Campbell. Of course, there will also be a healthy dose of nostalgia with familiar characters, places and a lot of blood to draw from the zombies.

Evil Dead: The Game will offer “multiplayer and PvP co-op for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch,” according to the developer’s website. However, the team advised to stay tuned to their Twitter page “For more information on new character updates, pre-order availability and upcoming gameplay video with Bruce Campbell.”

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