Expeditions: Rome – The fate of the Empire is in your hands

Riscrivi il destino dell’Impero con Expeditions: Rome, in uscita a gennaio thumbnail

Rome wasn’t built in a day, says a famous saying, but it will be ready by January 2022. Expeditions: Rome is coming!

Expeditions: Rome – Il trailer

The fate of an entire empire is in your hands, indeed, not just any empire but the Empire, the Roman one. The January 20, 2022 you can become the commander of a legion to lead your troops through Greece, Egypt and Gaul. You will gain power and influence and your word will have weight in Rome’s political affairs. In short your decisions will change the lives of your comrades, your soldiers and even the whole story.

Expeditions: Rome comes after the success of Expeditions: Vikings, and will take the player on a campaign of over 40 hours between Europe and Africa. The game includes legion management, exploration, looting and intense turn-based battles. In short, everything you can expect from an RPG. Below is the official trailer.

In Expeditions: Rome, players will encounter many real characters but in an alternate historical scenario. For example have you ever heard of a certain Gaius Julius Caesar? Nothing too important: you can rewrite history and prevent it from gaining power. Or you can meet Cleopatra, queen of Egypt, and help her in conquering the throne. You will become an ally of Cicerone? Or you will form an alliance with the fierce Vercingetorix.

In short, the game will allow you to exercise the will of Rome through apparently simple actions, but which will have an impact on the world political scenario.

Expeditions: Rome will be available for PC (Steam) starting from 20 January 2022 at the price of € 44.99.

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