Zig Zag Sharing accelerates with GO Sharing investment

Zig Zag Sharing accelera con l'investimento di GO Sharing thumbnail

Zig Zag Sharing announces the agreement with GO Sharing, a Dutch company and largest supplier of shared electric scooters in the world. The company has in fact acquired the majority stake in Zig Zag to enter the Italian market. This will lead by the end of 2022 3,000 electric scooters and 1,500 shared e-bikes, in 10 Italian cities.

GO Sharing investe in Zig Zag Sharing

Already active in Belgium, Germany, Austria and Turkey, as well as its native Netherlands, Go Sharing raised € 50 million in funding this April. And now it aims to expand across Europe. For this he has invested in Zig Zag Sharing, which since 2016 has offered more than a thousand scooters between Milan, Rome, Florence and Turin.

Under the new agreement, by the middle of the new year all Zig Zag vehicles will have the new one green livery of Go Sharing, but retain the logo and the possibility to book through the app. And already from January 2022 the first ones will arrive in Rome 500 electric scooters with the double GO Sharing and Zig Zag logo, replacing the company’s petrol vehicles with immediate effect.

Emanuele Grazioli e Diego Rocca, Founder di Zig Zag Sharing they explain: “We founded Zig Zag Sharing in Rome in 2016 with the ambition to change the status quo through new mobility solutions. Able to fight the traffic and pollution of our cities. We have done this by developing a sustainable, safe and fun offer for our users where the main driver has always been the customer and his needs. The opportunity that arises with GO Sharing is to share the same vision in terms of sustainability and join forces to achieve the same goal: redesigning the future of mobility for the better “.

Raymon Powels_CEO Go sharing

Raymon Pouwels, CEO di GO Sharing he comments: “Our motto is ‘a green planet where shared mobility belongs to everyone and for everyone’. With GO Sharing we want to inspire a change of mentality, moving from individual ownership to shared use. We intend to provide door-to-door mobility solutions, with sustainable transport options. In cities with electric bikes and scooters, and between cities and regions by electric cars. We are proud to be able to bring our mission to Italy. Here the use of scooters is well established, but there is still a long way to go to make it more sustainable through the introduction of shared electric vehicles “.