Caro bolletta? Ecco qualche consiglio per risparmiare energia thumbnail

Expensive bill? Here are some tips for saving energy

Expensive bill?  Here are some tips for saving energy thumbnail

Aires ed APPLiA Italy have drawn up a vademecum for save energy in the house, a series of useful tips to put into practice to see the bill decrease. Let’s find out all the details together.

How to save energy? Aires and APPLiA Italia reveal it to us

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It is correct and appropriate to emphasize that household appliances represent the 58% of domestic consumption. An important aspect to take into consideration is related to the fact that, from the ENEA analysis, it clearly emerges that the vast majority of household appliances in Italian homes are quite old. This means that household appliances have between 12 and 20 years of life, significantly affecting consumption.

By way of explanation, we can examine some examples provided by ENEA on the basis of ARERA data):

  • A free-standing refrigerator-freezer from 300 liters equipped with a new energy label, it consumes at least 55% less than an old product. This offers savings of approx 150 euros per year;
  • A washing machine of average capacity 8/9 kg equipped with a new energy label, it consumes on average 64% less rcompared to a previous generation product, allowing you to save approx 200 euros per year;
  • A dishwasher a free installation from 12 place settings equipped with a new energy label consumes the 78% less compared to an old product, allowing you to save more 300 euros per year;

Therefore limiting ourselves to replacement of washing machine, refrigerator, dishwasher with approx 10 years of seniority with products equipped with new energy label you can save approx 650 euros per year. This figure must then be multiplied over the entire lifespan of the products.

Based on what has been analyzed above, it is clear that the first step to take is carefully examine your appliances. By evaluating the energy class, both in terms of the age of the products, and any replacements, it could already be possible to obtain a significant increase in consumption efficiency. In addition, Aires and APPLiA point out a series of measures that can further help families save money.

Tips and tricks

  • Use programs ECO. The quick wash cycle of dishwashers and washing machines consumes more. The ECO cycle, on the other hand, even if it is the one that lasts the longest, allows the greatest savings;
  • Program the appliance for activate during the hours at a reduced energy tariff;
  • The hairdryer, sometimes considered particularly energy-intensive, has such a short use time that, in the overall calculation of domestic consumption, affects only 2.4%. When purchasing, take into consideration that i ion models allow faster drying;
  • Do not wash by hand, use the dishwasher. You save over the 60% of energy and 80% of water;
  • Do not overload the dishwasher;
  • Eliminate the drying phase of the dishwasher opening the door at the end of the wash;
  • Place the refrigerator in a position away from heat sources, if possible;
  • To properly store food it is not needed set the internal temperature below +4 degrees;
  • Put away the food away from the refrigerator walls to ensure better air circulation and lower energy consumption;
  • If you don’t have a fridge no-frost autosbrinante, the fridge freezer should be defrosted regularly. Excess ice formations involve a higher energy consumption to reach the ideal temperature;
  • To limit the number of times the refrigerator is opened;
  • When using the oven use the “ventilated” function. Also remember to turn it off just before cooking is completed to take advantage of the residual heat;
  • Clean always the bottom of the oven after use;
  • When you turn on the oven remove the trays that are not in use;
  • Always choose the ECO mode for the ironif the appliance provides for it;
  • Remove the limescale residues on the plate is in the iron tankas their energy consumption increases.

For more information you can consult the Aires official website ed APPLiA Italy.

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