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Niantic reveals all the numbers of the Pokémon GO Fest 2022

Niantic reveals all the numbers of the Pokémon GO Fest 2022 thumbnail

The data of the research company Statesman show that the three live events (Berlin, Seattle and Sapporo) of the Pokémon GO Fest 2022 have provided an overall contribution of 309 million dollars to the local economies of the cities that hosted them. Let’s find out all the details together.

I number of the Pokémon GO Fest

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The data shows that the impact of three events together was equal to that of Super Bowl LVI in Los Angeles County ($ 234-477 million). On an individual basis, however, it was similar to that of the tournament UEFA Women’s EURO 2022 held in nine host cities in the UK ($ 60 million).

Statista’s report shows that the three events together produced:

  • 309 million dollars total local economic impact, including $ 79.6 million in revenues;
  • 150,000 participantsof which 85% on average coming from outside the host city;
  • $ 650 in average spend for visitors;
  • Il 45%on average, declares a desire to return to the host city within 12 months;
  • 38 million total Pokemon caught;
  • 10.2 km explored on average for Pokémon Trainer (Player).

This means that Pokémon GO Fest live events have the ability to turn the global spotlight on the cities that host them. There are in fact tens of thousands of players who travel internationally and nationally to connect with each other and create their Pokémon GO communities. The coaches who participate can catch featured Pokémon but also complete special research exclusive to the event, all of it exploring the physical place and the surrounding city.

Michael SterankaDirector Pokémon GO Live Game for Niantic, said:

“The events of this year’s Pokémon GO Fest have had a great resonance with the thousands of Trainers who have traveled to new cities and towns to spend time with other players. It was a real celebration of the special Pokémon GO community and Niantic’s mission to help people spend time outdoors and explore the world together. ” The very real financial benefit for the host city is the icing on the cake ”.

The data of the three host cities

  • Berlin: beyond 40,000 Trainers spent $ 49.2 million. They also walked for on average 7,6 kmcapturing 14 million Pokemon. Of these Trainers, the88% came from out of town. Instead the 43% has traveled internationally. On average, visitors spent 521 dollarswith restaurants, bars and shops benefiting the most.
  • Seattle: beyond 58,000 Trainers spent $ 114.7 million. They also traveled on average 11 km and captured 17 million Pokemon. Of these Trainers, the83% came from out of town and the 14% has traveled internationally. On average, visitors spent 816 dollarswith restaurants, entertainment and shops benefiting the most.
  • Sapporo: beyond 55,000 Trainers spent $ 65.5 million. They also traveled on average 12 km and captured as a whole 17 million Pokemon. L’84% of these Trainers were from out of town. On average, visitors spent 615 dollarswith shops and entertainment benefiting the most.

For more information on Niantic events, please see the official site.

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