expensive fuels cut excise duty June 30 short-term decision

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The government should extend the cut in excise duties until June 30, measure taken in mid-March against expensive fuels. Good news for all motorists and road hauliers, and consequently for all Italian families. The reduction of 25 cents in excise duties (30.5 cents overall, including VAT) for each type of fuel (petrol, diesel and LPG), in accordance with the provisions of the Ukraine bis decree it will therefore not expire on 2 May as planned. The loss of revenue to the State deriving from excise duties will be covered by the 6 billion treasury provided for in the Def. Part, as is already the case, it will now come from the VAT surplus.

The final decision will be on the table of the Council of Ministers in these days, but from the statements of the Minister of Economic Development Giancarlo Giorgetti the road towards a renewal of the cut in excise duties seems to have been traced. “The dynamics of fuel prices – said Minister Giorgetti – “Remains a leading issue on which the government’s attention is highest, which will continue, implementing it, in the monitoring activity, as well as in the evaluation of the measures necessary to calm prices, including the extension of the cut in excise duties ‘last decree law “.

Expensive Fuels, despite the cut in excise duties, prices are rising slightly

Thanks to a rise in the price of oil per barrel, in recent days the cost of fuel has risen a little.

The IP dealer chain saw a 2 cent increase on recommended gasoline and diesel prices. Diesel returns, on average both in self and in service, to exceed the cost of petrol.

From the data of the Mise Price Observatory updated at 8 am yesterday 21 April, the national average price for a liter of petrol in self mode rises to 1,780 euros / liter (3 cents more than the previous survey). The average between the various brands is between 1,759 and 1,800 euros / liter (no logo 1,770).

The average price for a liter of self diesel increases to 1,781 euros (5 cents more). The average between the various oil companies varies from 1,774 to 1,789 euros / liter (no logo 1,776).

As always, the prices are more expensive if you are “served”. The average price charged for petrol goes to 1,920 euros / liter (2 cents more). The average between brands is between 1,845 and 2,006 euros / liter (no logo 1,826). For diesel, the price per liter is 1.922 euros (1.918 euros / liter at the latest reading).

LPG costs on average between 0.848 and 0.870 euros / liter (no logo 0.854). It is no better for CNG for cars which can be found at 2,071 but also at 2,356 euros / liter (no logo 2,083).

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