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expensive fuels prices going down

After the price hike in the previous weeks, and waiting for the package of solutions that the Government should be in the process of launching, expensive fuels are experiencing a moment of “apparent” respite. This is thanks to the main oil companies who have decided to lower their prices by a few cents, probably to make motorists go back to distributors.

Specifically, Eni reduces the price per liter (for the third day in a row) of 3 cents on petrol and diesel. Better than she does IP that cuts the cost by 8 cents on both diesel and unleaded petrol. Halfway three the two main fuel distributor chains are positioned Q8 and Tamoil which both lower the cost per liter by 5 cents for both petrol and diesel.

Expensive fuels: prices should drop by 15 cents thanks to the mobile excise duty

Tomorrow the government should make the reduction of excise duties official. In practice, the “trick” devised by the government envisages using the higher revenues deriving from the VAT applied to fuels raised to 22%. This, in practice, should make it possible to reduce the other tax component (in this case fixed) that makes up the final price of fuel per liter, the famous excise duties. “We are evaluating the hypothesis of applying a mobile excise duty on fuels since there has been greater VAT revenue”, explained the minister of ecological transition, Roberto Cingolani in his speech to the Senate.

expensive fuel excise duties

And if the mobile excise duty becomes reality, Eni (but it will probably be followed by other companies as well) will undertake to bring fuel prices back to levels “consistent” with the period.

According to Carrying if as rumored, excise duties should drop by 15 centsthis reduction would allow, on average, to a motorist to save 11 euros per monthbut it must be taken into account that the price of fuel has risen by 60% for diesel and 45% for petrol in just one year.

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