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Experience and Why launch Tipsy, a virtual assistant that uses AI

The Milan Design Week it’s not just a way to show products to probable buyers: brands have long wanted to go further, giving users real experiences. But to experience them, you must necessarily find spaces, set them up – and above all make sure that potential customers arrive at their destination. For this reason we found it particularly enter the “House of Experience” di Experiencythe creative tech studio of Spencer & Lewiswhere we were able to test virtual experiences among which the virtual assistant launched together with Why, Tipsy.

But with a service of “metaverse-as-a-service” it’s a Phop Up Shopthe company showed at the Fuorisalone all the potential of digital to tell its stories, products and create unique experiences.

Experiency and Why launch Tipsy, the virtual assistant that uses AI to talk to customers

Entering the “House of Experience”, which will welcome patrons of Milan Design Week 2023 for the rest of the week, we discovered a world ready for the virtual: with avatar paintings and screens ready to take us to the metaverse. But without forgetting the human relationship – indeed enhancing it with technology.

After a few handshakes and chats, Experiency first announced the launch of two more services – keeping the new Tipsy for the grand finale. But right away the CEOs of Experiency Monica Magnoni and Geo Ceccarelli explain to us that all these services can be combined to offer brands and companies that want to offer unique experiences to their customers everything they need.

The “Metaverse as a Service”

The “Metaverse as a Service” solution allows interested companies and brands to access a metaverse experience in a simple and economical way, by renting a “turnkey” virtual space. Inside, Ceccarelli showed us different spaces: auditorium, meeting room, exhibition space and virtual shop. Ready-to-use structures, but which Experiency makes customizable according to the needs of the brands.

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The solution of “Metaverse as a Service” is based on the platform Mytaverseawarded with theAmerican Metaverse Award for TOP B2B and Industrial Initiative. Within the metaverse shown to us during the presentation, we were also able to speak with the cofounder of the company in the United States.

The Metaverse as a Service uses the graphics engine Unreal Engine 5, the spatial audio of Dolby e a multiplayer experience, of which Experiency is the premium partner for Italy. This means that companies can create an exhibition space where up to a hundred potential customers can access at a time. We have for example seen a series of electric vehicles on the virtual seashore of Mytaverse. You can get into it, evaluate the features of the cars. Or you can create meeting rooms where you can discuss with customers, auditoriums where you can hold virtual lessons.

The Phop-Up Store

Another option (which can also be combined with the other technologies that we have been able to experiment with) is that of the “Phop Up Store” (Phygital Pop-Up Store). It is a structure that combines the physical and digital worldscreating an engaging and original shopping experience.

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The great limitation of the “classic pop up stores” lies in having little space available to display one’s products. The customers of the brands that adopt this solution, on the other hand, will be able to interact with the products in a real environment, but also take advantage of AR, VR and AI technologies to live an immersive and multisensory experience. Which greatly expands the boundaries.

For example, in the Phop up Store customers will be able to experience products in a realistic way thanks to extended reality, and receive personalized support and advice from virtual assistants. Like Tipsy, the big news from Experiency and Why.

Tipsy, the new AI virtual assistant from Experiency and Why

Tipsy is the name of the virtual assistant that Experiency – creative tech studio of Spencer & Lewisindependent communications group associated with UNA, United Communication Companies – presented yesterday at The House of Experience event.

It is a humanoid avatar equipped with a unique face, body and voiceable to converse with people and to answer their questions in real time. Something that offers an innovative and futuristic customer experience.

Thanks to the artificial intelligence, Tipsy can also show his own interlocutors products and virtual environments, creating a richer and more engaging customer journey. For example, we were shown a bedroom in a showroom asking for some information on the size of the furniture and the price. The colleague who tested it before us found out how much a kitchen table and chairs cost.

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Tipsy is meant to be integrated into different “ecosystems” such as websites, totems, holograms and digital showcases. Plus, it will be fully customizable – from voice and appearance to spoken language or communication style – and adaptable to the specific needs of companies. The virtual assistant, created in collaboration with Why, an independent studio specialized in the conception and development of creative content in real time 3D, will be available on the market for brands and companies starting next month.

Find more information about these three solutions on the Experiency website.

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