RIDE 5 è il primo gioco della saga esclusivo per new gen: il trailer e la data di uscita thumbnail

RIDE 5 is the first game of the saga exclusive to new gen: the trailer and the release date

RIDE 5 is the first game of the saga exclusive to new gen: the trailer and the release date thumbnail

Milestone today announced the release date of RIDE 5the fifth installment of the acclaimed motorcycle racing series that has conquered two-wheel fans all over the world.

It will be the first game in the series to be designed exclusively for next-generation consoles: PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. It will obviously also be available for PC (via Steam and Epic Games Store).

RIDE 5 release is set for August 24, 2023.

The trailer for Ride 5, out on August 24th

Game Modes: A brand new career arrives

The game will introduce a brand new career mode, with a narrator who will guide players on a path of exciting racing. The career is divided into four main racing packs, each with different events to overcome in order to access the next one. The challenge becomes more intense thanks to 10 rivals that players will have to defeat to climb the leaderboard. Over 200 playable events and a variety of career-enriching side challenges.

The gare Endurance allow you to save and rewind the race to have more control and flexibility over the game. Furthermore, the modalities a single race and timed they are ideal for perfecting your riding, trying out the different motorcycle categories and achieving maximum performance.

The main features of RIDE 5

Ride 5 trailer

Laughs 5 when it comes out

  • More power thanks to a game entirely designed for the latest generation hardware
  • Dynamic Weather System which will calculate runway and air temperatures in real time to generate realistic climate change. All this results in a greater strategic component on the part of the pilots.
  • Sky System improved: we go from 2D technology (based on real photos) to 3D volumetric clouds. Players will be able to see clouds change shape and interact with the lighting
  • Improved bike physics
  • Multiplayer con supporto cross-play
  • Multiplayer in locale con split-screen
  • Advanced editor to customize motorcycles, suits and helmets
  • Race Creator will allow you to create entirely customized races: from the track to the admitted categories
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